Top 5 Brands of Boxers & Shorts

Top 5 Brands of Boxers & Shorts

Boxers for men and women is a wardrobe essential that everyone should have. It is easy to wear the outfit and the comfort it imparts to the body is unimaginable. No hassle and absolutely no irritation to the skin is ever felt after wearing a boxer or shorts. Though both of them are different from one another, it is vital to have both garments for different purposes. 

Drawing close to the history of these garments, boxers were initially made for those people who played the boxing sport. People who indulged in this sport or activity, needed clothing to give them the freedom to move all their body parts freely as that will ensure a better match altogether. So, it is quite timeless clothing when it comes to boxers. 

On the contrary, when we talk about shorts, these are airy, breathable and extremely loose sometimes to provide the right amount of comfort to the people. Whether you have to get your grocery shopping done or pay a visit to a nearby mall, a funky pair of shorts is all it takes to look your best. Boxers for women and men are, therefore, one of the most essential garments that should be available to everyone. 

Talking about the brands, with the internet gaining mass importance in recent times along with the development in this field, online shopping has become one of the finest ways of buying clothes of any kind. There isn’t a single garment that is not available online. The process of buying boxer shorts has become easier than the earlier times. 

Some of the brands with a massive collection of boxer shorts for ladies and gents are listed as follows: 

  1. Sweet Dreams: As the name suggests, this brand has a variety of collections in boxers as well shorts which serve to be extremely comfortable. Their Women’s Workout Buddy Shorts is one of a kind. The Black Solid Boxer for men is perfect for your jogging routines. 
  1. Joven: A well-known brand for shorts and boxers. Keeping the comfort priority makes the best products out there in the market. Their both plain and checked boxers for gents is a deal one cannot simply refuse. Made out of high-quality cotton, the product has shown the best results. 
  1. XYXX: This is a young homegrown brand. If you are someone who likes printed shorts, then you are at the right place. Checked boxers are also available at great prices. To get the best look, put on an oversized tee along with sliders and see the magic happen. 
  1. Clovia: An expert brand making the best of women’s loungewear and sleepwear. A ladies’ boxer as well shorts are available in a variety of designs and patterns by closing looking at the requirements of the women. 
  1. Smugglerz: The brand is renowned for its great elastic and material that is used in making boxers or shorts for men as well as women. The patterns are so subtle yet mesmerizing that one would simply not be able to control themselves from getting a few pairs. 

Bewakoof, one of the greatest online shopping sites in India is well-equipped with these garments from the above-mentioned brands. The brands are 100% genuine with the best quality products in the market. Along with that, the website in itself is a brand that the youngsters are hugely attracted to. 

On Bewakoof, shorts and boxers are in an affordable range and can be purchased just with a click of a button. The Tribe Members would also get an additional discount on every product. So, tell me would you find a better deal anywhere else? I am sure not. So, get your hands on the boxer shorts for men and women today. 


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