How to paint your eyes correctly?

Eye Makeup

The ability to apply makeup correctly plays an important role in the lives of girls. Neatly accentuated facial features look many times better than bright shadows chaotically smeared over the eyelid, ineptly applied blush and lipstick “past the mouth.” In addition, bright makeup is not always appropriate, sometimes you need to look natural and discreet. In the daytime, for example, heavy shadows and lots of foundation look cheap and comical. Therefore, before you start painting, you need to know a few rules for using eye makeup:

  • Foundation and powder are enemies for young skin. Frequent use of these products will lead to early aging of the face. Problem skin needs to be treated, not hidden.
  • The shades of bright colors are suitable for parties or holidays. Use neutral and soft shades in your daily life to avoid looking like a circus clown.
  • More is not better. When applying makeup, focus on either the eyes or the lips, but not all of them. Otherwise, instead of radiant beauty, you get vulgarity and total bad taste.
  • Use makeup brushes, never use your fingers. With your fingers, you can ruin the conceived graceful lines and spoil the whole appearance.
  • The correct combination of shades is the key to beautiful make-up.

Learning to paint your eyes is an important step in the ability to apply makeup. It is the eyes that people first notice when they first meet. Skillfully applied makeup will not only provide you with beauty for the whole day but also give you confidence in yourself and your actions.

Choosing eye makeup

Beautiful makeup depends not only on the ability to apply it, but also on the correctly selected shades of shadows, blush, lipstick, and other cosmetics. To properly emphasize the eyes, you need to take into account their shape and size:

  • Big eyes allow you to experiment with different types of makeup. Both discrete everyday make-up and intense evening make-up will look equally good. If the eyes are too rounded, this can be easily corrected with thin arrows.
  • Slanting eyes look quite exotic, they should be emphasized with shadows on the lower eyelid and well-colored eyelashes.
  • Almond-shaped eyes can be emphasized with contrast in the shadows. Make the inner corner light and the outer corner dark. This will add mystery and radiance to the look.
  • Girls with small eyes should avoid too thick makeup in dark shades, they can make their eyes visually smaller. You need to paint small eyes with shadows just above the crease on the upper eyelid, so you will achieve a visual increase.
  • Deep-set eyes exclude the use of creamy and liquid eyeshadows. They will roll off and this makeup will not last very long. Opt for loose eyeshadow and quick-drying eyeliner.

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For eye makeup at home, use a comfortable, clean mirror and plenty of natural light. Artificial light distorts shades and hides some makeup imperfections. Therefore, you may not even notice errors in appearance while you are at home. Daytime makeup is best applied while sitting facing the window so you can see how you will look outside. Evening makeup involves dim lighting, so be sure to examine the result of your work in the right lighting to identify and correct mistakes.

Makeup for everyday – “nude”

First of all, everyday makeup should be persistent so that you don’t have to tweak it every hour. Brightness and pretentiousness are also not welcome, they easily develop into vulgarity.

Start your daytime look with a skin toner. It will refresh the face and remove unwanted impurities. You can use a day cream or a special foundation as a makeup base. For oily skin, it is best to use water-based creams to avoid adding extra moisture to the skin. To achieve matte skin, treat problem areas with dry powder using a special sponge. Basically for girls, these are the upper eyelids, the wings of the nose, and the forehead. After you finish making the foundation, lightly walk over your face with a dry napkin or cotton pad, so you remove excess tone and powder.

Apply some shadow of the desired shade to the eyelid and blend it with a brush towards the outer corner of the eye.

Lightly tint the upper lashes with mascara to make them more expressive. The effect of false eyelashes is not suitable for a daily look, therefore one layer of mascara will be enough. You should not paint your eyes thickly with shadows and eyeliner; you can draw a thin line above the eyelashes to outline the shape of the incision.

To complete the look, you can apply a little gloss of a neutral shade to your lips. This will make your face soft and light.

Getting ready for the party – evening makeup secrets

Evening makeup allows you to maximize your eyes and make them sparkle. To give your look shine and depth, you will need eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brow pencil, mascara, foundation, powder, liquid, or pencil eyeliner.

  1. Apply base tone and lightly powder your face. Then, with a soft brush, apply light shadows to the eyelid, they will serve as a shining eye base. With a thin brush, apply a line of dark shadows to the crease of the eyelid, it will emphasize the look more.
  2. To properly paint your eyes with shadows, you need to use several different brushes. A soft brush will blend the eyeshadow over the lid, while a hard small brush is suitable for applying a secondary color to the eyeshadow. The foam brush will correct the extreme lines well and remove unnecessary shadows.
  3. Using a hard brush, apply the shadows of the chosen shade to the outer corner of the eye, gently stretch them along the eyelid, narrowing the line towards the inner corner. Carefully draw an arrow on top of the shadows. Correctly paint your eyes with eyeliner, slightly pulling the eyelid with your fingers towards the temple. This will make the arrow straight and continuous.
  4. Now you can start applying mascara. To make the upper lashes more fluffy, dust them with neutral shades between layers of mascara. It is more convenient to tint the lower eyelashes with a makeup brush. Gather some mascara with a brush and paint the eyelashes with downward strokes. So they will acquire clarity and volume but retain their naturalness. Makeup artists advise you to first paint over the eyelashes on the lower eyelid and only then move on to the upper eyelid – this way you will avoid smearing mascara from the tips of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid.

Secrets of the correct use of cosmetics

It is not enough to be able to make up beautifully for yourself or your girlfriend, you also need to know how to use decorative cosmetics without harm to health. First of all, try to use high-quality cosmetics, avoid cheap products from dubious manufacturers. Do not forget to wash your brushes and sponges regularly: sebum and makeup residues that remain on the pile and sponges are a breeding ground for various bacteria. For the same reason, avoid lending your brushes and sponges to your friends. Cosmetic accessories are as much a personal hygiene item as a toothbrush.

Use eyeshadows carefully: getting on the mucous membrane, causes irritation, and instead of beautiful makeup, you will get red, inflamed whites of the eyes. To correctly and beautifully paint your eyes, make short strokes with a brush, and be sure to shake off excess shadows.

Make-up artist Natalya Vlasova advises minimizing the use of eyeliner and paint your eyes with a pencil more often. In her opinion, eyeliner dries out the eyelids a lot, thereby causing discomfort and itching on delicate skin.

It is correct to paint brown eyes with shades of warm shades of walnut and chocolate; purple shades are also suitable for them. With such shadows, the eyes will appear deeper and brighter. For gray and blue eyes, pearlescent, blue, and silver shadows are suitable. Green eyes set off honey and yellow colors well.

Arrows going up will help to hide the lowered corners of the eyes. To give the look a sly “fox” expression will help to color the eyelashes towards the temple. The thick “smoky” makeup, known as “smoky eyes“, will add a slight drag and mystery to the look.

Correctly drawn eyebrows will also help to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. To do this, you will need an oblique brush and an eyeshadow that matches your hair color. You can correct your eyebrows with a special pencil. Avoid perfect symmetry so your face doesn’t look unnatural. It is worth adhering to the natural line of the eyebrows, with shadows or a pencil, only giving the form clarity. When plucking eyebrows, make sure that their inner edge coincides with the end of the corner of the eye.


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