The whole procedure of Start selling on Amazon FBA

The whole procedure of Start selling on Amazon FBA

Having your products listed on the world’s largest marketplace is a huge advantage. Amazon currently holds 50% of the global market for eCommerce, and this number is constantly growing.

One of the best ways to reach consumers and make money with your products is by selling them on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). The process allows you to start an online business that doesn’t require any upfront costs while still having access to millions of potential customers worldwide.

How to sell on Amazon FBA?

Let’s get started!

Start by Creating an Account: You should already have a seller account on Amazon before setting up a business. If you already have one, skip to the next step to create a new FBA business.

How to sell on Amazon FBA To sign up for a free seller account, click here.

You need to complete the following steps each time you want to open a new Amazon seller account: choose your language, read and agree with their terms of service, then provide your name, address, and phone number (essential information needed by Amazon). Click continue.

A confirmation email has been sent to your registered email; check it now for further instructions on how to activate your new seller account.

Continue by adding products: After creating your seller account, you will need to add products you are planning on selling before they can be listed for sale. Don’t worry. This is how many new sellers start their business by adding hundreds of items at once. 

Amazon allows us to choose how we want them priced and how we want our inventory levels tracked. These options can differ depending on how your product is stored when it ships from the manufacturer to a fulfillment center or directly from a supplier’s warehouse to an individual customer’s address. 

There are three different storage locations: 

  1. In one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers (FC)
  2. In another merchant’s FC where Amazon has partnered with other online retailers.
  3. In the customer’s home. 

If you choose the FC option, Amazon will store your products and handle all warehousing and shipping for you. You can use this option if you have a large inventory of easily stored products in large warehouses or if you plan to sell a lot of products over time (i.e., seasonal items). This is how I started my business because it made sense financially to ship multiple items at once rather than one at a time. 

There is no cost associated with storing your product in an Amazon fulfillment center. However, there are fees for picking, packing, and shipping out each item ordered from your store by a customer. 


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