Government Bike Repair Scheme: All You Need to Know


The “Fix Your Bike” voucher scheme is a relief for bike riders. Launched in July 2020, the government bike repair scheme is a £25 million project funded by Transport Scotland and governed by Cycling UK. Just so you know, this scheme is covered under the PM Boris Johnson’s £2 billion initiative to encourage active travel in the UK. As a part of this scheme, bike vouchers worth £50 are provided by the government to the UK citizens in need of bike repair service. A worth £50 voucher is sufficient to cover a standard bike servicing cost, and to get basic replacements like that of tyres, inner tubes, or cables. If the cost of repairing exceeds the voucher amount, it has to be covered by the owner. 

According to Paul Tomlinson, cycling director at retailer Halfords, the government bike repair scheme has helped thousands of bikers to get their bikes repaired since its launch, which in turn has lessened the pressure on public transport. He further added the scheme has increased the demand of bike servicing by encouraging more people to choose cycling as an option over public transport. Cycling not only has many health benefits, but is also good for the environment, and the growth in the number of riders is considered to be “fantastic” by Tomlinson. 

Nonetheless, it is urged by the government that people who need it the most should enjoy the benefits of this scheme. The pandemic has made it tough for many people to bear the cost of repairing. As a result, many bikes have been lying stored in garages and store rooms without any use. Therefore, the government decided to come up with a scheme to get everyone on their bikes and boost active travel. You can book your repair at any nearby repair shop under this scheme to get an affordable bike maintenance service.

How the Government Repair Scheme Started?

It was to let people adopt cycling as a mode of travel during the pandemic and beyond that the “Fix Your Bike” voucher scheme was started by the government. Cycling ensures social distancing, and is also a great means of travel. 

The scheme aims to embrace cycling over short journeys made through public transport or private cars. It is believed that this shift from cars and public transport to cycling will be beneficial for people’s health, the environment and air quality, and also road traffic. 

What Is the Eligibility of the Scheme?

Anyone in England is eligible to claim the scheme as long as he or she has an unused bike that needs repair. Since a limited number of vouchers are released, people are requested to make judicious use of this scheme by the government. 

One can only use the voucher code on bike repair shops that are registered with this scheme. Also, pay attention that you can avail only one voucher per customer. 

How Can You Avail the Scheme?

Below are the steps to avail the government repair scheme: 

  • To avail the scheme, you need to visit the official website by clicking on On the website itself, you will get all the information related to the availability of vouchers, and other important details. 
  • In case the vouchers are available, you can register yourself on the website to get a voucher code.
  • You can use your voucher code at any bike repair shop registered under the scheme to get £50 off on your total repair cost. 


  • Can I Get Another Voucher If My Current Voucher Has Expired? 

No, you can only avail a voucher once. If your voucher has expired or you were not able to use it, the scheme has no provisions to issue a new voucher. Therefore, ensure that you use your voucher before its expiry date. 

  • Can I Get a Voucher In a New Batch if I have Previously Used a Voucher Released In a Previous Batch? 

No, you can only avail one voucher per customer. 

  • How Many Batches of Vouchers Have Been Released So Far?

In total 4 batches of vouchers have been released so far, and vouchers in all the batches have been claimed. 

  • Where Can I Register for the Scheme?

Based on the availability of the vouchers, you can register yourself on the official website of the scheme. On the website itself, you can get a list of all the participating repair shops and mechanics under this scheme. 

  • What If the Cost of Repair Exceeds £50?

If the cost of repair is more that £50 it will not be covered under the scheme. In that case, you need to pay the balance amount by yourself. 

  • What Is the Validity of the Vouchers?

A voucher issued under this scheme is valid for up to 90 days. You will not be able to redeem the voucher code once the validity is over. 

  • Can I book a Repair Now?

No, all batches of vouchers have been claimed for now. You can only book a repair once more vouchers are made available. Keep checking the official website for further updates. 

Alternatively, any news related to voucher availability is made available on Department for Transport and Energy Saving Trust channels from time to time, and the scheme via different stakeholders. You can also reach out to [email protected] to get any of your queries addressed by their team.


The “Fix Your Bike” voucher repair scheme has been a huge success so far. All the vouchers in this scheme have been claimed so far, and more people are waiting for more vouchers to be released so that they can get their bikes repaired. Increased bike repairs have led people to travel as often as possible by their bikes as opposed to other means of transport.

You too can get your bike repaired under this scheme by following a few simple steps. In case you are clueless about this scheme, or want information on how to book your repair, this article is a great place to get started. Good luck!


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