Unknown Food Joints To Explore In Ooty


Boasting pleasant weather throughout the year and a lush green environment, Ooty is unquestionably a nature lover’s delight. Also, besides being an excellent place for seeking respite in the lap of nature, Ooty is an ideal tourist destination for food lovers too! From chocolates to coffee to juicy kebabs and Chinese delights, Ooty offers something to suit everyone’s appetite. And to help you satisfy your taste buds with the authentic taste of the town, here are some unknown food joints in Ooty you visit when you reach here via a taxi from Coimbatore to Ooty. 

So let’s get started, shall we?

  • Shinkows Chinese Restaurant

Situated on Commissioner’s Street in Ooty, Shinkows Chinese Restaurant is a must-visit eating joint in the town if you want to dig into some delectable and authentic Chinese food at fantastic prices. Though this eating joint in Ooty is not that famous and fancy, it offers the best pork in town. In addition, some of the must-try dishes on the restaurant’s menu include their Bee Hoon Noodles and American Chopsuey.

  • Quality Restaurant

Another eating joint in Ooty that is yet to be explored is the Quality Restaurant, where you can dig into some mouthwatering Punjabi food. Their buttery naans and butter chicken are some of the must-try North Indian delights that would leave you wanting more. While this restaurant also has a wide range of other cuisines, such as South Indian and Chinese, their Punjabi food stands out.

  • Hotel Shri Velmurugan

A quick bite that never disappoints you, this eating joint in Ooty makes a prominent spot in this list with their lip-smacking parathas and other items such as idlis, dosa, and so on. The paratha range at this eating joint is vast, and their stuffed ones are perfect to relish with a cup of chai or coffee. In addition, the reasonable price and the delectable taste will always tempt you to visit this place again and again.

  • Ooty Coffee House

Coming to Ooty and departing without tasting the iconic coffee that delights you with its aroma would never complete your trip. Ooty Coffee House is a small and quaint place with an old-world charm that offers a perfect selection of brews you can sit and enjoy with an enjoyable book. And the delight doesn’t end here, for you can pair your cup of coffee with some authentic South Indian dishes, which is unquestionably a speciality in Ooty. 

  • Mud Pie

If you are craving delectable and fresh chaat, visit this fast food joint that serves many savoury snacks (including sandwiches and rolls). It is one of the few eating joints in Ooty that serves lip-smacking chaat selling dishes such as masala puri and Dahi puri. 

  •  C Stores

If you love sandwiches more than anything else, you cannot miss visiting C Stores which offers the most delectable sandwiches in town, especially the grilled cheese sandwich with veggies. Though this eating joint offers the best sandwiches in Ooty, you can also try their tasty and inexpensive mini pizzas, thalis and parathas to satisfy your hunger pangs. 

While Ooty is a paradise for nature lovers, allowing you to satisfy your wanderlust, it would also never disappoint the food buff in you. So next time you visit this cosy hill station via a Coimbatore car rental, don’t forget to savour the delectable delights at these food joints to satiate your palate. 


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