The Places You Can Travel Now from the United States

The Places You Can Travel Now from the United States

Are you ready to finally step out in the open after that pandemic? Have you packed your bag? Well, so have hundreds of people in the United States. 

While international travel is slower than usual due to the Covid fears still lurking, there are tons of beautiful places you can travel from the United States without facing restrictions. But before planning your foreign trip you need to make sure of a few things. 

First comes the availability of TV internet bundles. We know that the growing vaccination rates and the ease in traveling restrictions have got you all excited. However, the pandemic has not left the entire globe yet. Therefore, before you plan your trip to other countries you need to make sure of the pandemic situation there. For this, you need to have a high-speed internet service or even a constantly available cable TV service at home to keep your eyes on everything happening in the country. 

Apart from keeping yourself updated, you need to make sure you are packed with the essentials. Essentials include all the tools to sanitize and keep your trip hygienic. Even after getting vaccinated, you need to take precautions against getting sick and bringing the ailment back into your home. 

Therefore, now that we are done with the basics here are some ideas as to where you can travel from the United States.


One of the very first international destinations to open for Americans after the pandemic is Mexico. The neighboring nation was quick to welcome Americans and claiming its position as the most tourist-friendly travel destination today. 

When traveling to Mexico you will not need to ensure pre-travel testing, go through quarantine requirements to prevent disease spread. 

However, when returning to the United States from a foreign country you will need to obtain a negative pre-travel test. 

Therefore, if you are not the person who wants to go through the hassle of traveling after the coronavirus fiasco then Mexico is your place to travel first. Some of the most popular vacation spots in the country include Cancun and the adjacent Riviera Maya. Other than this, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta are sites worth exploring if you want to relax on the beach and swim away the pandemic feels. 

Not to forget that the land bridge between the United States and Mexico is closed still. Therefore, you will have to fly across to land in the country. 

Latin America

Several countries in South and Central America are open to residents of the United States. The entry requirements to these countries can vary by destination but their restrictions are much stricter than those of Mexico are. 

Therefore, it is not all about hassle-free traveling. 

Here are some of the places you can think of traveling to first. 


Traveling to Belize will require the adult traveler to submit proof of vaccination or get a negative pre-travel COVID test. By doing any of the two things the adults can waive off the mandatory quarantine requirements in the country. 

Other than this children aged five or older only need to show a pre-travel negative COVID-19 test to travel in the country.

The restrictions also include the tourist staying at registered Gold Standard hotels while they are visiting Belize. It is also possible to stay at multiple golden standard hotels while traveling in the country. 

The country wants to promote safe travel also wants the country to get back in a good economic shape with tourism. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica accepts international travelers through its Juan Santamaria International Airport and Daniel Ouder International Airport. Unlike Belize, in Costa Rica travelers don’t need to submit mandatory travel testing or quarantine protocols, but they have to follow some other steps: 

  • Acquire medical travel insurance
  • Complete a health form 72 hours before traveling or entering Costa Rica.

The mandatory travel insurance should cover lodging if the tourist is infected and is made to quarantine in Costa Rica. These requirements apply to all travelers, even those that are fully vaccinated. 


By showing proof of vaccination or submitting negative pre-travel test travelers can enter Ecuador. 


Travelers that are fully vaccinated or those that can submit negative pre-travel tests can enter Panama. 


After completing a traveler’s health form and submitting a pre-travel negative diagnostic test result travelers from the United States can enter Brazil. 


Spain, Maldives, Iceland, Italy, and a lot more countries have started easing their travel restrictions and allowing residents from the United States to enter the countries for travel. 


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