The shapewear you need in your life


Selecting the best shapewear can be tedious, with all those styles, designs, varieties, and shapes accessible in the market. Every style meets a unique demand and function. Hence it is essential to consider this in mind to pick the most suitable one for you. Here are some popular styles of shapewear and their roles. Check out which style of shapewear meets your purpose:

Control camisoles

The shaping camisoles are the perfect shapewear for women looking to smooth their bellies. They streamline the breast and can be worn effortlessly under any dress.

Waist trainer wrap

If you want to adjust your compression levels, choose waist trainer wrap. It offers complete compression in the front and back and offers a flattering and seamless figure. 


You can wear it around your waist to get a firm fit. It is one of the shapewear designs worn by the Kardashian sisters. There are clips or hooks present to give you a firm fit. You can also go for a pull-up corset. The choice is completely yours.

Waist and thigh trainer

The waist and thigh trainer are worn under clothes to shape your belly, waist, thigh and bum. They can be worn under a body-fit dress or top and jeans combo. 


Choosing bodysuit shapewear is highly recommended for your tummy. It slims your belly, waist, and love handles, thighs and buttocks. You can either go for an in-built bra or without a bra option. They are available in different styles. So, choose wisely.

Body shapers

This is the best for women looking for coverage for their breasts. They slim your abdominal section, give you a tight fit, and offer coverage for your breasts.

Shaping briefs

Shaping briefs are an underwear style perfect for women looking to control their belly bulge and waist. They are worn as underwear and don’t add any laying to your dress.

High-waist briefs

They are high-waists offering complete coverage to your abdominal fat and waist bulge. Choose them for all types of pants and tops to get a seamless and smooth look at your belly.

Waist trainers

There are different types of waist trainers available in the market. Your options are too many, right from waist training bands, waist trainer vests to waist training belts. Pick the right one for you to get the best cinch at your waist.

Shaping bras

For women with heavy busts who want to align their breasts with their waist and buttocks, they can shape bras. They can sync their body and get an ideal figure using shaping bras.

Arm shaper

If you are worried about the extra fat in your arms, you can define them using an arm shaper. Wear this under your top or dress to get a sleek and seamless look.

So, you have multiple options when it comes to shapewear. Try the type of shapewear to address your problem. Finding suitable shapewear can be difficult, but get ready to see your instant transformation once you do.


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