Path Of Exile 3.20: How To Make Blade Vortex Go Faster?


When playing Blade Vortex in Path of Exile 3.20 update, if you want to make Blade Vortex faster, what do you do? Next, I will tell you how I do it.

First, I have to master two kinds of Travel skills and more poe currency. Because of these two technologies, my Blade Vortex can become super fast at the beginning. Of course, after I got Mageblood, I wanted to see how fast I could go. So I sent Queen of the Forest, which is quick, but I don’t think it’s fast enough. So I used the Jungroan Self-Chill Tech, combining all the damage I take with release to trigger Forbidden Rite.

Blade Vortex

While using this method has a good chance of killing me, that Chill does the opposite and adds 30 movement speed to me, so it’s a good choice to buy poe currency a lot before do it. In fact, you know that doing this will go a little faster than usual, but you don’t want to trigger it, so you can organize your time better. To this I added a right click phase run and a left click phase run, so now I go faster and it’s in sync even after it’s done a full or second cooldown the next one can be triggered immediately. 

I can release my Blade Blast early because my VV lasts a long time, so it will always hold 10 Blades. But I can only release it every four seconds, which is not fast enough, so I want to go faster.

Later, I noticed a detail. It’s that when you use another skill, Phase Run should be canceled, but if you trigger Forbidden Rite at the same time, it won’t cancel it. So, I have a question, what if I triggered something else at the same time? So I decided that when I trigger Forbidden Rite to damage myself, I trigger the Withering Step at the same time, and I can use the first level to release one damage to get enough for me to release Withering Step is supported. 

At the same time, I also discovered that I can actually cast both at the same time. At this rate, the current Withering Step only has 50 activations, since it doesn’t cool down, but it’s active, so it’s still pretty good. You may feel that it is fast to walk like this and then feel that it is difficult to operate. In fact, we just increased its speed and learn more poe orbs farming methods

Here I am easily maxing out my Blade Vortex. You know, just before all the triggers are off, everything has to be in sync. And I stayed at 10 Blades and all died, so it was kind of a fun thing to do.

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In fact, I saw nothing about release on the Internet. That is, when I take damage, when Phase Run is triggered, Withering Step will run at the same time. So it’s interesting that you can use two abilities that would normally be canceled at the same time, which applies to a lot of builds. Because if you only need to release every four seconds, then you’ll get some extra duration, and that’s obviously the most efficient way to do it. Take advantage of it if you want to go faster.

Queen of the Forest

Note that you don’t need to have Queen of the Forest set up for this to work. Of course, Mageblood and Queen of the Forest give me a vast base of movement speed, making those benefits speed up the movement so it’s not painful.


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