Ten Best Ways To Clean Gutters

Cleaning gutters during the summer time.

When it comes to environmental sanitation, cleaning of the gutter is not exactly an interesting chore ‌one would want to do daily   — It’s dirty.

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Gutter cleaning involves you choosing the best method that makes you comfortable and also, making sure that the environment is free from unwanted erosion.

Now, I will be showing you the seven best ways of cleaning gutters without stressing about it.

Cleaning with the hand

It requires a pail, a ladder, a garden trowel, and gloves(the ones used by heavy-duty workers). At a slow pace, bring the trash and leaves out, and put them into an empty 

bucket and pour water into the gutter to check if it’s working well.

Cleaning the gutter from the ground

The ground method of cleaning the gutter is very safe. Using this method, you won’t be able to see the ground. For this method to be adopted, you need a gutter cleaning wand, a garden hose, and a dry vacuum.

Making use of the garden hose for gutter cleaning 

Unfortunately, the garden hose gutter cleaning method does not require a ladder just to stand and clean. This idea of cleaning is used with the right equipment to do a clean job. Havocs occur while applying the garden hose, dress well.

Using a ladder for cleaning 

This method of ladder way of cleaning the gutter needs extra caution to be applied because of the risk of falling.

For safety, you should use a light ladder to avoid unwanted occurrences. Having someone at the ground level is important to hold the ladder firmly and also give tools. Those scared of heights shouldn’t go for this method of cleaning the gutter.

Pressure washer gutter cleaning 

The pressure washer has the capacity that removes debris from the gutters, by using it with the right accessories which are attached to it.

It shares similarities with the ground cleaning method.

Cleaning with safety gear

One thing about gutter cleaning is that no matter how much you try to prevent a mess from occurring.

Follow these tips to make your job easier

  • Wear sturdy gloves to protect your hand from getting injured by sharp objects.
  • Use eyes protection 
  • Also, wear thick boats

Cleaning with vacuum 

Using a dry or wet vacuum as an alternative method does not matter. Its purpose is to remove debris from the gutter. When you are done with the removal of bulk debris, pour water to flush the gutter with the garden hose.

Cleaning the gutter with a leaf blower

The positioning of the ladder matters in this method to allow up and down movement. If positioned well, you will be able to work from one end to another.

Some leaf blowers that come with a nozzle work perfectly well if attached to release a strong air stream.


The blockage of the downspout and a rag are necessary and also, as flushing the leaves with the hose.

Cleaning with a power washer

Cleaning with a power washer is messy. Nozzle down the garden hose and rinse thoroughly so that the water can run freely. Also, wash the external part.

Protecting the gutter guards

The purpose of the guards is to prevent debris from entering your gutter. Eventually, those that detest cleaning of gutter will go for this method.

Look into companies that deal with gutter guard materials, buy then install because you won’t be dealing with the cleaning gutters for a long time.

The unique thing about this method is that it allows water coming from the rooftop during rainfall to divert.


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