Reasons Why A Number Of Online Businesses Love Shopify


Shopify is a highly loved platform to develop an ecommerce store. There are a lot of reasons why you must love it too. Here are the top ways in which Shopify is helping those thousands of online businesses that have leveraged this incredible software.

Easy set up features

It is very easy to launch an online store with Shopify and you can do it rather quickly with the help of a good Shopify Development Company. Shopify helps address some crucial issues like huge development costs and servers. You have a clean and user-friendly admin interface. There are a lot of documents and videos available to guide you with Shopify.

Least worries about technology

The good news while banking on Shopify is that you have the least worries on the technology, you need not be an expert to launch a basic Shopify store online. Shopify platform provides all software for hosting. This makes it extremely easy to get up and run your business almost instantly. The hosting offered by Shopify is much faster and more secure.

Security and reliability

When you run your ecommerce business, you will have to naturally deal with different kinds of sensitive information like credit card details and impatient customers. It is necessary for your site to be fast, secure and available online all the time. Issues like server maintenance and upgrades are very well taken care by Shopify. Shopify pages also load quickly. 

Wonderful customer support

Shopify platform provides an excellent customer support round the clock on all days. The response time is instant that avoids any waiting. Your business can get the necessary support via email, web chat or phone. Also, you can gain access to a lot of community forums and a range of advanced shopify university guides.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile visits have long back overtaken the online searches done through desktops. Optimizing your online store for mobiles is no more an option, but is highly essential. Shopify is aware of this and has provided elaborate provisions for the users to help customers shop conveniently on their mobiles. The platform also provides access to built-in mobile commerce shopping cart that ensures that your store looks nice on all devices. The free to use iPhone and Android apps help you manage your store on the move.

Customizing options

You can choose from over 160 themes that comprise both free and paid ones, which are all made available on the Shopify theme store. These are all mobile responsive themes as well. There are hundreds of other themes available on sites like ThemeForest. You can customize any of these themes to suit your needs and thus land on a unique store that is nowhere.

Shopify app store

Shopify app store is an ocean of functionalities that you can add to your online store. It is possible to add reviews, customer wish lists, loyalty programs, and also print labels, packing slips. It is possible to integrate with accounting software, social media sites and shipping programs to ease your operations and impress the customers with a host of interesting functions.


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