Tips for Getting Promoted


If your ambition is to grow and succeed at the company you work for, you’ll naturally want to get yourself promoted. Here are three ways you can improve your chances of moving up the corporate ladder.

Increase Your Value

It’s logical that if you’re worth more to your company you should be given a higher position than those who bring less value. Yet how do you increase your worth?

One way to boost your value is to earn a college degree. The additional knowledge you acquire, along with the soft skills like communication and problem-solving that come into play when pursuing higher education, can give you the edge over your competition when it comes to scoring a promotion.

Fortunately, the boom in online education is making it simpler than ever to earn a college degree. Internet universities provide you with the flexible scheduling and easy degree programs you’ll need to successfully juggle your studies, job, and personal life. That way you can get in, get a degree, and get on with moving up at your company.

Display an Impeccable Work Ethic

If you coast through the day, doing the bare minimum until five o’clock rolls around, don’t think your bosses haven’t noticed your lack of effort. When it’s time to promote someone, the candidates at the top of the list will be the folks who arrive early, stay late, and give 100 percent to every task they tackle. In other words, employees with strong work ethics are more likely to earn promotions.

To give your work ethic a makeover, strive to complete your duties ahead of schedule, and make sure every project you handle is done correctly. Being competent and committed while delivering high-quality work demonstrates that you can be trusted to take on the additional demands that come with being promoted.

Identify and Solve Problems

No job is perfect. You probably find yourself dealing with processes or practices that frustrate you, and you may even have muttered to yourself that there must be a better way to do things. Well, why not be the person who finds the better way?

Almost anything your company is currently doing that impedes productivity or costs too much is a candidate for revamping. Look for ways to improve how something is done that will produce tangible results. Maybe it’s researching software that streamlines accountieasy degree programs ng tasks, or perhaps you’ll find a resource for bundling your tech services so they’re more affordable and unified. Focus on things that will have a measurable, positive effect on time or expense so you can demonstrate the benefits of your solution. Taking the initiative to find and fix problems will make you stand out from your peers at promotion time.

Increasing your value, exhibiting a strong work ethic, and rooting out and solving problems are all ways to demonstrate that you are a prime candidate for promotion. Although moving up is never guaranteed, the stronger you become as an employee the more likely you’ll be to earn the opportunity to advance.


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