Reveal the Truth about the Rumors that Fun88 was Arrested


Presently, news of the Fun88 bookie’s capture is making its way around newsgroups and social networking sites. This is very confusing for both participants and potential members of Fun88. So, was Fun88 really captured, correct or wrong? To determine whether the rumors about the home are accurate, let’s look into this matter in more depth.

Where did the Fun88 bookie story originate from?

Recently, you will come across a lot of articles referring to the case of the Fun88 bookie being caught. Some of the prominently published information is as follows: 

  • Many players cannot access the bookie website via PC. This prevents them from participating in betting services from Fun88. When they encountered this problem, they quickly commented that Fun88 was not reputable and was arrested.
  • The most well-known instance is a recent one in which a koan was exposed in connection with the gaming business Fun88. Through this event, a lot of people who don’t know the real story have disseminated rumors on forums, social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that the bookie has been detained. This is also the main factor behind how widely Fun88’s detention was reported. 

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The reason for the rumor of the bookie being arrested

The news that Fun88 had been imprisoned had an impact on the bookie’s image and concerned many players. That is not the situation, though. Not just lately, there have been numerous reports of the bookie being apprehended. This issue is the root of it because:

The link to Fun88 is blocked from accessing

Thailand participants frequently find themselves unable to connect to other online bookmakers besides Fun88. because all kinds of gaming for money are prohibited in our nation.

As a result, the government has requested that internet service providers ban websites like Fun88 that offer this service. Many participants erroneously believe that the Fun88 bookie is being caught because they are unaware of the issue or what is causing it.

Fun88 agent in Thailand arrested

Fun88 is an online bookmaker with a Philippine-based authorization to do business from respectable institutions there. However, all nations except Thailand  have the unit’s agency structure in place. As previously stated, internet gambling is not currently allowed in our nation.

As a result, Thailand  geographies run a very high risk of being discovered, and this instance gives the impression that Fun88 has been detained by users. The dealer network only consists of a small number of people, and perhaps it was their selfish desire to exploit players that led to the authorities reporting and apprehending them.

Rumors coming from competitors 

With hundreds of bookmakers, the internet betting industry in Thailand  is incredibly exciting. This gives gamblers numerous choices while keeping bookmakers in the game.

They need to come up with a variety of remedies to draw in new recruits and undermine rivals. Since Fun88 schemes, arrests, and crashes are common, numerous unfair competition units have shared information about them online. To vie for the Fun88 market while lowering the bookie’s reputation.

The fake dealer Fun88 was arrested

The dominant name and current market leader in the online wagering community is Fun88. Due to the bookie’s fame and success, many entities have built websites that look similar to Fun88 in order to defraud users and make money for themselves.

The most current is a gambling business called Fun88, in specific. The cops detain them because they are the ones acting as the home and engaging in illegal activity. Players who don’t comprehend the top have assumed that the official Fun88 has been detained as a result of this event.

Has Fun88 been arrested? Is Fun88 reputable? 

In fact, the Fun88 bookie was not arrested, this is completely false information. It could be due to one of the above reasons. And Fun88 is still a reliable bookie and you can feel secure when playing here for the following reasons: 

  • Fun88 is headquartered in the Philippines and has a license to operate from First Cagayan, PAGCOR. Therefore, the law does not have the right to arrest the bookie, but can only prohibit it. The official website of Fun88 bookie in Thailand is
  • Fun88 is a name that guarantees credibility and legitimacy. The unit has established a position with many years of operation in the betting field and is currently the leading brand in the industry in many countries including Thailand.
  • Up to now, the official Fun88 online betting website is still operating stably with a full range of betting services. In addition, the bookie also released an application that brings convenience to players. 
  • The bookie operates according to the standards and strictly adheres to the betting rules set by the world gambling organization.
  • Customer care service and attentive support 24/24h. 

FAQs about Fun88

Q: Has Fun88 been arrested?

A: No, Fun88 has not been arrested. Fun88 is a legitimate and reliable online bookmaker

Q: Is Fun88 reputable?

A: Yes, Fun88 is a reputable and legitimate online bookmaker. Fun88 has been operating in Cagayan and is licensed by FirstCagayan. Fun88 also adheres to strict standards of operation

and provides a wide range of betting categories and 24/7 customer service.

Q: Is Fun88 a safe platform to bet on?

A: Fun88 is a 100% safe platform to bet online. Fun88 employs the latest encryption technology, uses secure payment methods, and has an experienced customer service team. Funagayan. Fun88 also adheres to strict standards of operation and provides a wide range of betting categories and 24/7 customer service.


Thus, through today’s article, hopefully, the information about Fun88’s arrest has been clarified. It can be said that Fun88 is the number 1 reliable and quality bookie today, it is worth it for you to participate in the experience.


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