Mumbai: Ex-Nurse Celebrates Her 100th Birthday Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Like an eruption of daylight on a dull, cloudy morning, Khotachiwadi in Girgaum rose in festivity to stamp inhabitant Rolanda D’Souza’s 100th birthday celebration on May 13.

“These were festivities with social separating,” snickered D’Souza’s little girl Barbara D’Souza, who lives with her mom and sister Maria Fatima D’Souza at their home in the legacy town with its particular old Portuguese style engineering.

“There were acceptable wishes, congrats pouring in by phone; mum can’t hear well on account old enough. However, she was excited to see everyone on video phone calls. My three siblings settled outside, Diogo, Rufus and Marshall, were in soul and on record in our home that day, wishing their mom on fruition of an achievement,” Barbara stated, including that her mom is as yet portable and can do all the essential housework.

Khotwchiwadikars saluted this soul on her birthday, remaining outside House no 32A, situated behind the well known Ideal wafers store, and sang for her, playing the guitar. A neighbor made a two-level cake for Rolanda, with 100 on top. A pennant saying: ‘Cheerful 100th birthday celebration’ was set up at home.

Neighbors made a PowerPoint introduction of clippings of all her past birthday events which they sent via telephone. A private zoom visit saw a few participate, to wish ‘Rolanda aunt’ with the tune ‘I trust you live to 103 as well as 123… ” additionally played for her.

Sharp And Smart At 100

Neighbors likewise made a test about ‘How well do you know our Centenarian?’ with questions like: ‘name any two mouth-watering food things she sells… “

“Mother used to sell pickles and a lemon juice condensed, which was extremely well known,” said Barbara.

Life span runs in the family for Rolanda, a previous medical attendant. Her mom lived till 102, and furthermore shared Rolanda’s propensity for completing a feast with a sweet or natural product, consistently. She additionally sews at this age, and makes appliqué interwoven pieces. Said Barbara, “When the more youthful indistinguishable twin siblings (Gary and Greg) of style fashioner James Ferreira, who is a Khotachiwadikar, called mother to wish her, she could recognize who was who on the double. Very few, including me, can do as such.”

Life’s Philosophy

Rolanda, who lost her better half years prior, has been keeping herself side by side of the pandemic news, on TV, and is moved and pleased with her expert network of medical attendants as they penance during circumstances such as the present.

“I put stock in treating oneself on the double when unwell. I will tell my little girls whenever I feel sickly, call the specialist, I am unwell. I don’t figure: I won’t inconvenience someone. Treat yourself in time, and above all take your medications without a whine, so you don’t inconvenience anyone later,” said the salt-haired, feisty dynamo. “Recall you are never unreasonably old for anything,” she closed down.


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