Buying the iPhone 12? Here are ways you can protect it

iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12 is way more than a smartphone. It is a status symbol by a renowned brand. Those who own it know that our lives are dependent on this tool. It is an expensive smartphone that everyone cannot afford. It is what makes it crucial to protect it. The iPhone 12 covers and screen protector are important not only for protecting it internally but also for protecting it externally. 

Imagine what can happen if your phone is not protected. Nowadays smartphone is more than a communication tool. It holds the keys to accessing our accounts and personal information. 

Apple’s iOS15 will allow clients to track their phone even after it has been turned off or reset since it is a handy device that contains all our financial information. While it is a handy device that has all our information, it is important to keep it secure at all times. Till then, what you can do to secure your iPhone 12 is here-

Screen Protector– 

First thing to do is to safeguard the screen

A screen protector is more significant than a case. Well, this debate will never end, but for me, a Screen protector is the first thing to be secured. And there is a reason behind it. Apple technicians say that most phones they receive for repair are due to damaged screens.

iPhone 12, as the company claims has a toughened glass display. But it is hard to say how secured it is. It is better to be sure while making any claims. A high-quality tempered glass is what you need to safeguard the screen of your phone from any mishap. Why not invest in a quality screen that will be just 20% cost of your screen replacement?

Get a Quality iPhone 12 Phone Cover-

As mentioned earlier, getting an iPhone 12 protection case is a must and the first thing to do. Buying one at the time you purchase the Apple device is ideal since the steel frame will get scraped off over time if you skip this step.

There are so many case designs available in the market that you will love covering up your mobile with style. For that, you can go for the official iPhone covers or can binge on third-party phone cases available online. It will cost you a few hundred, but you will get a quality cover for your phone. 

For better protection, check cover quality. From which material is it made? Does it have foam in the corners, etc.? As iPhone 12 features MagSafe. Make sure you get a magnetic phone case, so you don’t have to remove it every time you plug in your phone.

A Stylish Phone Skin-

If you are a minimalist who doesn’t want to ruin the phone’s look. Get a sleek and stylish iPhone skin. It is light weighted and provides excellent protection to your iPhone.

The design is the USB of the cover and you will enjoy the style. The intricate design changed this phone into a masterpiece. You can customize it and get the Apple logo hooked at the back or skip it.

Phone insurance-

There is a big part overlooked when it comes to mobile insurance. But trust me, it can be a lifesaver. You can buy it on your own. But before you buy one, check what all it covers.

Standard coverage should include anti-theft, damage or breakage, and accidentally falls by liquid. There is much insurance that offers complete coverage, including phone accessories.

Find My Phone-

When you lose your phone, Apple’s Find My Phone feature will help you locate it if you lose it. To turn it on-

Go to> Settings> Find My> Create Apple Account> Enable Toggle

If you misplace your phone, find it in iCloud where your phone was last time. 

Create SIM PIN and Use Face ID-

Protect your SIM by creating a SIM pin. It will render the thief access to your personal and financial information.

Face ID is the best feature Apple provides you to lock and unlock your phone. Remove all the Aadhaar cards, PAN Card, Voter ID, or Credit card Debit Card details from your cell phone.

Keep IMEI and Serial Numbers-

Always note down the IMEI and Serial numbers of the phone. It comes in handy when you search your phone while police try to locate it.


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All phone protection methods are applicable to all mobile phones, except Find My Phone, which is only available through Apple. Your safety is in your hands. Stay alert and be safe!


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