5 Brilliant Ways COVID-19 Alert System is Making a Difference


The world wasn’t really prepared for the tragedy and its aftermath in the form of ever-increasing death rates, life threats, economic downturn; so on and so forth. But then, we should also try buckling up and work towards getting back on track at the earliest, once the pandemic is over. As of now, the most important sector of concern is healthcare. Unless a nation is able to provide sufficient healthcare amenities and protection to the victims of COVID-19 as well as the selfless care workers, things won’t be changed for the better.

Talking of healthcare, the newly developed COVID-19 alert system is said to be implemented as an early warning device for the care staffs. It will notify them of any potential risk to safety and wellbeing while the care workers will be carrying out their duties.

Let’s take a look at the five remarkable ways healthcare workers will be benefitted from this system.

  1. It will work as a remote care planning system

Fosse Healthcare has recently worked on and designed this healthcare system which is said to serve the purpose of a remote care planning system.

Here’s how.

  • Each COVID-19 care worker will be given a Smartphone loaded with the Access Care Planning mobile application.
  • It will help in recording, monitoring and reporting on every single aspect of their care delivery.
  • The warning system has been designed in such a way so that it will be able to alert the care staff prior to their visit to a COVID-19 containment household.
  • This, as a result, will allow the workers to take additional precaution and abide by other stringent healthcare procedures ahead of their visit.

Now, this is something truly beneficial for the risk-takers and true heroes who are working under a crisis and expanding helping hands to make this world free of the dreadful virus.

  • Victims are also benefitted by the care planning system

Not only that the healthcare workers are benefitted from this device, but the victims of COVID-19 are equally benefitted in terms of health and additional precautions.

Here’s how.

  • For instance, if the care worker gets notified of the potential COVID-19 carrier by the device, then he/she will be able to send across the message to the household prior to their visit.
  • As a result, the victim who wasn’t aware of his/her health condition so far will be updated on the same without visiting the overly crowded hospitals and nursing homes.

In a time where the government is insisting on investing time and effort in embracing home remedies and self-isolation, such care planning devices will truly fill the void.

  • The cloud-based application is an additional benefit

The newly developed care planning device comes with a cloud based application. Now, this is a major benefit. Keeping track of the victims, citizens prone to the virus, age groups and other parameters can be difficult to manage manually. This is where the alert system comes in.

Take a look at its key cloud-based applications.

  • Too many paperwork, manually documented files and patient reports, especially under this mass crisis situation will be quite humongous a task for the care staffs.
  • Updating all reports on the cloud-based platform will eliminate the risk of thefts, loss or mismanagement of healthcare reports that are deemed critical at this hour.
  • Moreover, all records and health reports updated on the cloud portal can be used for future references as well.
  • Medical case study essay writer helps in developing further research avenues in the field of medical science.
  • Automatically saved files in an archived format will help doctors to review past findings and go ahead with further scopes of healthcare advancements towards fighting off the virus.

This is certainly one major breakthrough in terms of embracing constructive advancement plan to uproot the odds of Coronavirus for good.

  • The Government gets to monitor all data via remote access

This is yet another benefit that will help us move one step ahead in our quest to fight off the virus intrusion effectively. According to reports , the COVID-19 alert system will also allow government to keep track of certain things.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  • The five-level alert system helps government to constantly keep track of the healthcare progress based on the reports including the latest scientific data.
  • In addition to it, the advanced alert system will help the government to keep track of the rate at which the virus is spreading.
  • As a result, it will be easier for the authoritarian bodies and healthcare departments to plan their next move and strategise sustainable programs to live through the crisis.
  • There will be less or no information gaps at all

There is a huge difference between healthcare management during normal times and managing an entire nation and worldwide affairs during a pandemic. Manually driven data and information from one healthcare unit to another is quite a challenge. Many information and critical data are the risk of misplacement or wrongly interpreted down the road.

The advanced mechanism will eliminate all risks of misguided information or other gaps by all means.

Here’s how.

  • Since the alert system is capable of transmitting heavy information and managing all healthcare progress, alerts and reports at once place, the information will be transmitted uniformly.
  • Every concerned healthcare official will be able to access the alert system and track all vital information on the go, thus, ensuring absolute transparency in all forms.

So, this could be the silver lining in the middle of all odds. We can only keep our hopes high, take every necessary precaution and be responsible towards each other to fight against the deadly virus as one indomitable force.


Author Bio: Georgia Brown is an experienced healthcare blogger and researcher, coming all the way from Glasgow, the United Kingdom. In addition to it, she is a dedicated nursing and medicine assignment help writer, working on behalf of the platform assignmenthelp.us for the past six years. 


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