How Veeam Training Helps In Evaluating Veeam Availability Suite Design?

Veeam Training

Proper backup and restoration systems are a priority for every enterprise that relies largely on its digital assets. At a time when enterprises are virtualizing their infrastructure, this trend continues to grow. As a result, an increasing number of IT professionals now seek Veeam training courses to develop their skills in this field. Veeam has emerged as a leader in the development of enterprise-level backup and restoration software. The Veeam availability suite offers comprehensive solutions in this aspect, which has made it extremely popular among enterprises from different sectors. 

Why would you want to develop your skills in Veeam Availability Suite?

The world of IT is constantly evolving, with newer technologies coming up regularly. To keep up with the changing job requirements, IT professionals need to keep their skills up-to-date. This is why it makes sense to develop your skills in the most popular and successful enterprise-level software solutions. Considering that a significant section of the Fortune 500 companies relies on Veeam Availability Suite to backup and protect their digital assets, it is logical to undergo Veeam training. 

The Veeam Certified Engineer – Advanced: Design & Optimization: Why is it important?

For professionals trying to specialize in Veeam, understanding how to evaluate Veeam Availability Suite design is crucial. Considering that you already possess basic knowledge and skills in this platform, you might want to opt for the Veeam Certified Engineer – Advanced: Design & Optimization course. The objectives of this training program include helping to develop the skills necessary for:

  • Interrogating log files for detailed root cause analysis
  • Evaluating design decisions for Veeam Availability Suite
  • Accurately sizing and scoping a technical environment
  • Optimizing configurations
  • Guaranteeing and verifying the recoverability of data to the business
  • Making sure that the designs deliver maximum ROI
  • Demonstrating the value of a Veeam deployment to internal as well as external clients
  • Making sure that the impact of workload on storage resources, CPU, and the network remains within acceptable levels

All these skills are precious to professionals working in this field. By completing the course, you may enhance your IT career in several ways:

  1. Job roles: By developing new skills, you would be able to get yourself eligible for new job roles. It would allow you to choose from more job openings to apply for and help you secure jobs with higher pay. 
  2. Efficiency: You would grow far more efficient at evaluating Veeam Availability Suite design. Thus, you may tackle various tasks much faster and with lesser effort. This ultimately translates into greater productivity. 
  3. Career progress: You would be able to climb up in your field of work much faster. Certifications from authorized training centers make it easier to secure promotions. Additionally, it would also help you earn greater workplace esteem. 

Who should opt for this course?

The target audience for this course is relatively large as it covers key topics that may be of importance to different professionals. You may find it worth enrolling yourself for this course if you are one of the following job roles or plan to apply for one of these roles:

  • Virtualization Administrator
  • Backup Administrator
  • System engineer
  • System administrator
  • Solution consultant
  • Solution architect

This is a relatively advanced course aimed at professionals who have already gained some experience in this field. In addition to experience, the candidates must also possess the following technical knowledge:

  • Must possess the VMCE certification or equivalent knowledge
  • Should have exceptional knowledge of networks, servers, storage, and virtualization
  • Should have previous experience with Veeam

Meeting the prerequisite criteria is essential from the eligibility point of view and because it makes the course effective. Unless you already possess the necessary experience and knowledge, you would not properly understand the course’s topics.  

Where should you enroll for the course?

Considering that you are a working professional with a busy schedule, you might find it convenient to learn from an IT institution that offers online courses. Look for an institute that has a good track record and certified instructors for the course. Check out details that indicate the reliability of an institute, such as the number of professionals that they have successfully trained. It would pay off to undergo Veeam training at leading institutes like RPS Consulting. A comprehensive training program and a widely acknowledged certification can give your career a major boost.


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