How To Prevent Workplace Accidents


Workplace injury is not uncommon. And in some cases, the consequences are so dire to the extent of rendering some people unfit to work any job for life. According to 2020 statistics, 2.8 of every 100 workers were injured at their workplace.

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But this does not have to be the case. We are going to establish various tips that can help prevent workplace injury in this post.

For starters;

Provide adequate education and training

Training your employees on the industry’s best standards for ensuring safety in the workplace should not be a one-off activity. It should not be only at the point of receiving employment alone that you will make them aware of these measures. Training should be a continuous activity that stretches throughout their employment.

Routine inspections

A group of expertise should regularly inspect the workplace for faults. By this I mean the machinery, types of equipment, and safety tools are in good condition. 

These inspections should be at regular intervals and where an item needs to be replaced, or a broken part, fixed. These should not be delayed for any second.

Any form of delayed maintenance only increases the risk of an employee getting injured.

Safety gear

Each job description has appropriate gears to ensure the safety of the workers. As the employer, you owe the obligation to provide this gear. Do not take the security of your employees with giddiness. Where these gears need replacement, replace them urgently.

Review the policies guiding work

As you would do with equipment used in the workplace, make it a point of duty to review the safety policies and procedures guiding operations in your workplace. Ensure these policies agree with the operation routines in your workplace.


Do not leave your workers to be their bosses. They tend to exhibit risky behaviors if this is the case. Employ line managers to supervise their work every day. Adequate supervision would give them a sense of accountability, and it makes their job easy to do since they can easily approach their supervisor and raise concerns or ask questions about their jobs.

The voices of the workers matter too

When designing policies relating to the ease of doing a job for the workers, let the workers themselves bring their input. The ones who understand the risk of working are the ones who do the job. 


Let us proceed to the major causes of workplace accidents.

The Major Causes Of Workplace Accidents

  • Tiredness: when employees have over-exerted themselves, they tend to make mistakes doing their job. Schedule regular breaks between work hours so the workers can recharge.
  • Laziness: lazy workers would always be on the lookout for ways to complete their jobs earlier, even if it means cutting corners. Often, this may cause an accident.
  • Unsafe workspace: if the workplace is disorderly, the risk that a worker would slip, trip, or fall is relatively higher.


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