How Miki Agrawal Turned Into A Notable Social Entrepreneur


Armed with endless confidence and an unflinching desire to see the world become a better place, Miki Agrawal has slid into the cultural conversation as one of the most prominent social entrepreneurs of the COVID era. Rising to popularity largely through her work with TUSHY (and its bidet!) during the toilet paper shortage of 2020, author Miki Agrawal has since become something of a social innovator and entrepreneur with a louder microphone and longer reach than ever.

Born in Montreal but currently living in Austin, Agrawal has been from coast-to-coast in the United States spreading her talent, building her businesses, and developing the kind of social changes that last beyond her work in the field.

Building a Better Brand From Scratch

Upon graduating from Cornell University with her B.S. in Business and Communication, Agrawal would end up working for Deutsche Bank in New York City. The events of 9/11 would cast a pall, not just over the city itself, but also on Agrawal’s personal work. She would soon depart from investment banking analyst to focus on something longer-lasting and of more importance to the world.

Upon departing from Deutsche Bank, Miki Agrawal would rebrand her life and her career path by focusing on farm-to-table eateries known as Slice (now ‘Wild’). The restaurant currently has two prime locations in New York City and they would operate as the foundation for her future work to build upon. Agrawal would soon launch THINX, a sustainable underwear company. Not too long after, TUSHY would follow suit.

Gaining Momentum With the Right Idea

When TUSHY rose from the toilet paper shortage during the pandemic, millions of Americans were introduced to a household bidet for the first time. An electric bidet with an electric seat, the innovation behind the TUSHY-branded diet brings relief to individuals looking not just for hygienic support, but also for long-term support for their chronic illness. This last demographic, it should be noted, includes Miki herself.

Miki Agrawal founded TUSHY not just to provide relief for others, but also to bring relief for herself. After developing an illness, Agrawal found that her bathroom habits were leaving her underweight and in pain. Known as a ‘frustrating time’ in her life, Agrawal and her husband would find relief after discovering bidets. Their own invention, as well as the TUSHY brand, would soon follow suit.

Despite her success and the various hurdles she’s had to overcome, Agrawal wouldn’t really change anything. Agrawal would, however, advise herself not to sweat the small stuff so much. Overall, Agrawal admits of her life’s different eras, “Each has made me who I am today and taught me many lessons.”

Due to her efforts, Agrawal would land on Forbes’ Top 20 Millennials on a Mission list as well as the Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs” list compiled by INC Magazine.


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