Finding The Perfect Ring


If you are all about rings and are also obsessed with them as we do then, Then this article will talk about the different types of rings which will help you find your perfect match for any outing or social gathering and further give you the shine to flaunt your loved pieces wherever you go.

The Different Types Of Rings

When getting a ring, you don’t need a special occasion to buy it for yourself or somebody else. You have to make your mind and go for it because it will give you a look that you are aiming for.

The different varieties of Puravida Bracelets collections of rings offer a distinctive look; every ring suits different needs.

Here is a guide for you to spot the right one for you.

The Dome Ring       

The most subtle yet classy piece in the rings is the dome ring. This type of ring is easy to wear and looks best at any social gathering. It works great for a night out or at work.

The dome ring with the moonstone setting looks alluring and draws instant attention. You can wear the moonstone ring with the deep or halter neck tops, and it will present you with the charm and elegance to flaunt.

Raw Ring

The ethically sourced, undamaged gem with its natural texture presents a unique beauty to ring lovers. These pieces are made out of precious metal such as sterling silver and give much-needed flair to the outfit.

They come in different colors and presents with the class jewelry to jewelry lovers.

Birthstone Ring

These types of rings serve a greater purpose; they are associated with the month you were born in; wearing the suitable rings according to your month will bring out the innate powers and frequencies that will guide you to the bigger purpose in life.

These rings are also a style statement and fit perfectly with any outfit; opt for a single ring and multilayer necklace, and they will complete your look with much finesse.

Silver-Plated Ring

The classic-looking jewelry is the ideal choice for a get-together or an outing.

They are the perfect edit for a chic and contemporary spin and have a culminating look. These rings will provide you the styles to stand out.

These gorgeous jewelry pieces look best with most dresses, whether a body con or a flare dress. In addition, the beautifully crafted rings don’t fade, so you won’t have to worry about your ring looking dingy a few years after you get it.

Sterling Silver Ring

The most fashionable and reliable gemstone, sterling silver brings coolness to the body. In addition, the silver has a proven track record as an antimicrobial agent that fights infections aiding cold and flu conditions.

The sterling silver rings emerge as the timeless trendy flicks out there. Sterling silver moonstone rings are the trendiest of all. These versatile, fashionable edits brighten up dark and give a glam factor to the jewelry pieces.

Contemporary Ring

The hot-selling item in the market, a contemporary ring, embodies a unique style. The status of these rings is due to different cuts & designs and because of the materials used in them.

Say if a ring has a princess-style cut stone rather than a traditional round one, it would be more contemporary. Likewise, a ring that uses a tension setting would be more contemporary than one that uses a prong. These pieces of jewelry add the much-needed flair to the outfit, offering a great look.

Statement Rings

The big, bold chunky pieces of jewelry bring unique shapes and bold designs to the wearer. In addition, it helps to portray the person who they are through their outward appearance.

When it comes to choosing rings, there are multiple options available in the market. They all have intricate designs and present the class jewelry to the wearer. Try sticking one ring to a hand as they are enough drama to add to your outfit.

Minimalist Rings

With the hues from nature, they are the perfect fit for any occasion. These rings with defined edges and flawless cuts make stunning jewelry pieces that catch instant attention. They are high in demand in the market and completes the most sophisticated looks.

Minimalist rings are easy-to-go jewelry and go well with formal attire and casual outing dresses. Moreover, they present the wearer with the style quotient giving the modern touch-up.

With the wide variety in the market, these rings provide the most alluring look to the wearer. You can compare the different rings and find the best one for you, and if you are having trouble finding the one that suits your taste, you can visit Rananjay Exports. They are the wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer based in India, having a wide selection of gemstone silver jewelry that suits your taste.

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