Types of tarps in the market and the properties of a heavy duty tarp


Tarps are unique items. They have applicability across commercial and industrial sectors and can be used to cover items in and around your home just as well. Tarps are durable and flexible, but the materials used to make them vary from type to type. Depending upon your need and usage, regular or seasonal, you need to invest in a high-performance tarp. Covering all surfaces of objects in your house exposed to harsh weather conditions is a wise choice for you. It will save you ample money and energy down the line. 

Comparing waterproof and water-resistant

Most tarps available today are either waterproof or water-resistant. The difference between the two is of mere degree and not kind. While a waterproof tarp made from high-grade PVC completely blocks water out, water-repellent or resistant ones made out of polypropylene keeps water out but only to a certain extent. The correct fit for you will totally depend upon the purpose you intend to use it for. 

The best option in extreme weather

In case you are looking for tarps that can withstand extreme and harsh weather elements, a heavy duty tarp will be your best bet. These are designed in a specific way to be able to provide protection throughout the year. Being equally effective in blocking the sun’s rays and the sharp drops of rain, heavy-duty tarps provide the most use for the amount of money you pay for it.

Tailor-make your tarp to match your needs

You can customize your tarp to meet your requirements. Personalization is an important factor even when it comes to multipurpose products like tarps. 

  • You have the option to tailor your tarp to fit the object seamlessly by just adding the dimensions online. You can customize the shape of your tarp and have it made square or round, or rectangular based on your needs. 
  • You can select your preference from a range of different color options or have your tarp printed all over. You will never need to spend extra for the print or effect you choose.
  • You can customize your product to include double stitching and tough fabrics to ensure added durability and strength.

Added advantages to consider

The facilities provided should make your job as a consumer easy. You can sit back and place an order for a heavy duty tarp to cover your boat or pool from within from the comfort of your home without having to survey the market and study the items physically. The information freely available on the internet can guide your expectations. Customer support teams can expertly advise you on the type of tarp most compatible with your needs. You can rely on reviews and testimonials from customers just like yourself to judge the item’s authenticity and know more about its usage.  

A complete package

The shipping process is just as straightforward as placing the order itself. Your order is guaranteed to be dispatched within just a few days with the most trusted logistics firms. You will have your order delivered at your door with the best care you can ask for, on or within the estimated delivery date. 


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