Introduction of Electric Construction Equipment


The climate crisis is not the unmentionable secret it once was and the construction industry is also among the industries making efforts to become more sustainable. The rising demand of environmentally friendly construction habits has made manufacturers look in another direction to find alternative solutions. This has made electric construction equipment seem like the alternative everyone is looking for. While electric machinery has been available in the market for years, it is only now that its importance is understood and the demand for it is rising among other heavy equipment sales.

Diesel Fueled Equipment vs Electric Construction Equipment

Anyone who has worked in construction knows that diesel equipment is the most used in the industry. But recently electric equipment has infiltrated many construction sites, they are easily able to blend in and if you aren’t looking you won’t be able to spot them.


One thing that most people who have worked with diesel fueled machines are concerned with when thinking of switching to electric equipment is whether or not they will perform just as well. But there is no reason to worry about the capabilities of electric equipment, most of the specifications are identical to the diesel ones. So when it comes to performance electric equipment is able to deliver similar results to the diesel ones. As you know acrow props for hire props from Jewson. Available in various sizes, Available in various sizes, choose versatile steel props for strong temporary wall support when you need it.


If we were to compare diesel powered equipment with electric equipment, the biggest difference that you would be able to see would be under the hood. Electric equipment runs on lithium ions batteries as opposed to traditional equipment which runs on diesel. There are a few electric equipment which function without the hydraulic systems as well.

Hybrid Electric Equipment

If you are looking for a machine that has the power density of a diesel engine but is eco-friendly. A hybrid electric machine is the answer. Hybrid machines have both a small diesel engine as well as a rechargeable battery and motor. Which is why they are able to work well in places that require low chemical emission but the job requires high intensity work.

Hybrid engines reuse the energy that burning diesel creates rather than it being wasted in the form of heat. Due to this the machine doesn’t need a huge cool cooling system. A smaller is able to get the job done just as efficiently.

Why you should Consider Going Electric?

Both the environment and construction companies stand to benefit greatly from transitioning to electric equipment. There are certain benefits that are afforded to the people who opt for electric powered equipment including the following;

Low Carbon Emissions

If you were to choose electric equipment instead of the traditional ones that burn fuel. You will have net zero carbon emissions. Construction industry is expected to adopt greener technologies in the recent years to promote sustainable construction. There are certain places that have emission restrictions and to work there you must have electric construction equipment.

Less Noise Pollution

In the construction industry it is common to be faced with noise pollution. Since the machinery being used is extremely loud and the people living. and working nearby just have to deal with it. Loud machinery is not only distracting but can also seriously risks the workers who are constantly exposed to it. The fact that electric equipment is quieter comparatively is another plus. The risk is also significantly reduced if you are working without the constant sound and vibrations of a diesel engine.


Another benefit of having electric construction equipment is the fact that they are economic. Not only will you be able to save on the cost of fuel. But the operating cost will also be reduced since its engine run time. It is also less than traditional machine, and the maintenance costs are also significantly less.

All in all electric construction equipment has made itself invaluable over the years. It managed to not only keep up with the performance of diesel engines but has also reduced the overall costs and emissions, making construction more sustainable. So the next time you need heavy machinery like a loader or road grader for sale for a project you should consider looking for a hybrid machine or an electric model, this way you will be able to reduce the project costs as well as be eco-friendly.



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