Fashion Trend for Women that will be big in 2021

Jackets for women

The year 2021 is the year for the fashion world that has unveiled some bold and stylish designs that are mesmerizing. The large or oversized jackets for women, blue bags, trendy face masks and cotton dresses have been dominating the fashion industry over the past few weeks. Whether you accept it or not, women are on the constant lookout for something trendy and new in the market. Hey, gorgeous, are you spending countless hours deciding what to wear or  what trendy stuff to buy?  Don’t stress yourself; whip out some stylish and trendy outfits from the list of 2021 trendy outfits mentioned below: Good Sammy Online Store

Women’s Oversized Shoulder Pad Boyfriend Jackets

The oversized jackets for women are quite trendy and stylish. The outfit is 80’s inspired. You can rock this look with straight leg trousers or leather shorts for a modern, stylish look. You can dress this up for an effortlessly chic aesthetic look. The colours that are trendy include powder blue, charcoal and neutrals.

Bohemian Florals

Flowers represent the renewal, beauty and feminine side of nature. The association between the floral motifs and femininity can be traced back to hundreds of years of fashion. 2020 was the year of boho clothing style, but this year, the designers are not interested in vintage clothing or prints of roses. Instead of floral prints, floral cotton t-shirts for women are becoming incredibly trendy. Vibe Clothing Company is a retail firm that provides apparel, clothing, and accessories for women.


Maxi dresses have always been a comfortable and pretty outfit for women. However, the maxies of 2021 are brighter, shiner and are infused with loud colours and volumes.

Casual Trousers

Trousers are a must-buy for every woman. Back from the 90’s to the current scenario, there has been a revolution in different styles of trousers. Some of the bold, rich and classy trousers of 2021 include:

  • Boot Cut
  • Joggers
  • Palazzo Trousers
  • Cigarette Pants
  • Baggy Trousers
  • Flared Pants

Women’s casual trousers are so trendy and comfortable that everyone in today’s time demands them.

Cotton Shorts

Relaxed and comfortable cotton shorts for women is the trend that will never go out of fashion. Especially during the time of Covid, where everyone is stuck at home, these cotton shorts are demanded by lots of women. You can pair it with statement slides for maximum comfort and a chic look. These cool, comfy shorts have recently found patron’s among the millennials.

Designer Kurta 

Ethnic dresses never go out of style. Kurtas are one of the comfortable yet stylish ethnic wear that is so trendy in 2021. Some of the designer kurta for women includes:

  • Loose-fitted kurtas
  • Top style kurtas
  • Long Anarkali kurtas
  • Asymmetric kurtas
  • Straight Kurtis
  • New silhouettes and many more.

There are numerous brands and kinds of dresses that you can choose from. So whether it’s a girls night out or some official party, you can find numerous trendy casual to formal ethnic wear from Genes Lecoanet Hemant. You can visit their website and find trendy designs that can suit your mood and style!


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