Man in underwear jumps on to truck carrying wine, arrested while drinking out of it


In an unusual episode that is causing a ripple effect on the web, a California man was captured after he hopped on to a moving truck that was moving wine and drank out of it. Also, he was in his clothing the whole time.

As indicated by the recording from the truck’s camera, the speculate first flagged the truck to pull over and afterward leaped out of his vehicle in his clothing. At the point when the truck driver endeavored to pull away, he ran close by the vehicle and bounced on it.

A camera on the truck’s side demonstrated the man running at the edge and afterward moving underneath the round and hollow tank of the truck that contained the wine.

The driver purportedly advised the California State Highway Patrol subsequent to seeing wine out and about. At the point when the police got to the truck they found that the man had opened a spout and was attempting to drink however much wine as could be expected from it.


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