Fgo 6th Anniversary Free Ssr – The Five-Star Servants!


Beside another Servant that is as of now in the gacha, the Japanese variant of Fate/Grand Order is offering a free five-star to any Master who has completed Fuyuki. There is an aggregate of 32 Servants to browse, and there is no time limit on when this offer closures. Moreover, the 6th commemoration GSSR flags are accessible for a restricted time frame. There is likewise another gacha framework and an illustrations improvement for Noble Phantasm movements. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The five-star Servants that Masters can decide for nothing are the ones that are for all time accessible from the standard pennant. Individuals who wish to get restricted Servants, for example, Jeanne d’Arc Alter or Katsushika Hokusai should delay until they return in the gacha, or can pursue them in the GSSR flags.


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