Want Free PowerPoint Templates? Get Them Quick at These Five Sites


A decent plan can represent the moment of truth your show. In case you’re hoping to intrigue your crowd, you need to utilize the best PowerPoint design.

All things considered, you need not go through a great deal of cash to get your hands on the best formats on the web. You can download them for nothing at these five sites:

  1. SlidesGo

SlidesGo is an organization that offers an assortment of formats for your PowerPoint or Google Slides introductions. Utilizing it is simple, as you should simply pick from any of the plans accessible.

In case you’re specific with the plan, you can download free layouts as indicated by classification. There are formats extraordinarily made for instructive, business, advertising, and clinical introductions.

In case you’re searching for one-size-fits-all formats, there are multi-reason format plans accessible also.

What’s significant about SlidesGo is that you can download introductions as per your ideal size. The greater part are 16:9, in spite of the fact that there are 4:3, A4, and A5 measurements too.

The best part is that you can look over any of the 12 tones and ten styles accessible.

  1. SketchBubble

SketchBubble is one of only a handful few organizations that offer free editable layouts for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote.

This site is great in case you’re searching for exceptionally specific formats. That is on the grounds that the site offers editable plans of the accompanying:

Coronavirus timetable

Contact following

30/60/90-day plan


Triangle infographics

Highlights or two-item examination

Ten-point list

Nine-number rundown things

Six-point rundown or six-cycle outline

Five-or three-fragment circle or bulb

Four quadrants

Four-column graph

Four-stage circles

Aside from these plans, SketchBubble gives designs and symbols that you can use in your introductions. You can undoubtedly remember the accompanying for your formats: daily agendas, agendas, ace/con diagrams, SWOT examination outlines, hanging tabs, pyramid graphs – even an editable guide of the US!

To finish everything off, you’ll be happy to realize that SketchBubble plans are exceptionally energized. With these formats, you will introduce slides that are both vivacious and stylish.

Size-wise, SketchBubble formats are accessible in 16:9 and 4:3 perspective proportions. These plans make such designs viable with most stages – aside from PowerPoint.

  1. Free PowerPoint Templates Design

As the name recommends, you can get PowerPoint layouts from this site free of charge.

The downloadable layouts, which are simply restricted to the 16:9 measurement proportion, are gathered by these classes:













Aside from these specialties, you can likewise get layouts with interesting plans. With these PowerPoint designs, you can clarify your information with a starting rocket or a thought bulb behind the scenes.

You can likewise get free formats that utilization cycles, connections, step steps, timetables, and outlines.

Something incredible about this site is that it’s refreshed day by day. Assuming you need to get one of a kind designs each day, then, at that point make a point to look at this site now and then.

  1. Slides Carnival

Despite the fact that Slides Carnival offers PowerPoint layouts for nothing, the decisions are not restricted. Indeed, you can look over any of the 200 plans accessible.

You don’t need to enroll for a record. You can go through the site and download however many PowerPoint or Google Slides designs as you can.

Right now, Slides Carnival’s free formats are not sorted. Along these lines, you need to peruse 17 pages to check all of them.

Notwithstanding, you can generally tick on the tabs above and look for formats as indicated by shading. The site offers many plans in the shades of:












There are additionally business and startup format plans, yet that is basically it.

In the event that you work on another specialty, you can pick layouts as indicated by a few styles. There are straightforward, innovative, and lively plans, just as more formal and exquisite ones.

  1. Free PowerPoint Templates

Not to be mistaken for the Free PowerPoint Template Design site, FPPT is another website where you can download excellent formats – without paying for anything!

At FPPT, you can get plans for specific specialties. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with computerized advertising or application improvement, you’re certain to track down an excellent format on this site.

While the layouts are sorted by subjects and fields (Business, Medical, or Nature), you can look for plans through their labels also. Simply click on the labels on the screen, and you’re certain to discover a PowerPoint format that suits your requirements.

Assuming you need, you can likewise buy in to the site to get the most recent formats in your email inbox.

An incredible aspect regarding FPPT is that it offers layouts for non-business-related introductions also. In case you’re considering making a show for Father’s Day, Diwali, even a wedding, you can get them all here.

In opposition to mainstream views, you don’t need to go through a great deal of cash to get your hands on connecting with PowerPoint plans. By checking any of these five sites, you can download the best layouts for nothing.


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