Features and requirements for obtaining a gambling license in Australia

How To Get A Gambling License In Australia

How To Get A Gambling License In Australia

Australia is a country that raised a clear question about the legalization of the gambling business from the very beginning of its development. As of today, the gambling business in Australia is fully legalized. 

In terms of numbers, every year, the Australian population spends about $ 6 million. That’s about $500 per user of online gambling platforms.  

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Peculiarities of Local Legislation 

Despite the fact that the gambling industry is actively developing in the country, the regulations have some complexities. This is because each region has specific control over the gambling industry. There are eight areas in total, and here are their relevant categories:

  • gambling establishments in the capital city;
  • New South Wales Territory;
  • Victoria;
  • Queensland;
  • Northern Australian Territory;
  • South Australian territory;
  • Western Australia;
  • Tasmania. 

Each of these regions has its own commission, which regulates the gambling license. It is impossible to unequivocally answer what part of Australia provides the easiest procedure to get permission because each department to control the gambling industry has strict requirements. The basic list of rules is about the same, but the financial issues and some aspects are still different. 

How to Obtain a Casino License in Australia 

In Australia, it is possible to obtain a license for such land-based gambling entertainment as casinos, slot machines, lottery terminals, and betting on sporting events. It should be said that betting on races is considered a separate type of entertainment in Australia. Regardless of the licensing region, the applicant must have the appropriate documentation package. It includes:

  • A document confirming identity (passport, driver’s license);
  • A certificate confirming the absence of problems with the law;
  • Certificate of financial solvency;
  • A document that indicates the compliance of software and hardware (technical components);
  • information about the payment of necessary taxes.

All these features must necessarily be taken into account when applying for a license. 

As for online gambling, this field falls under the legislative act, which was adopted in 2001. The regulation is performed by the federal administration 

Taxes for Gambling Businesses in Australia

The main taxes related to the gambling industry are listed in the table below.

Interest on turnoverThis tax is mandatory for companies that conduct lotteries and betting on sporting events.
Penalty in case of loss of a clientThis tax is mandatory for all types of gambling platforms: bookmakers’ offices, betting shops, casinos (both land-based and online services), etc.
Interest of net profitThis payment is made only by the organizers of betting and poker rooms.
Collateral for the licenseThe payment of the appropriate amount must be made by those operators that have purchased a permit to provide services online.

The required amount of payments is set by a particular region. It is important to note that the gambling industry generates 15% profit for the country every year.

Obtaining a Gambling License – What Applicants Need to Consider 

Each state has the right to impose its own requirements for gambling business owners. However, there are basic rules which are in force in each region of Australia. So, if you are a gambling operator and want to get a license, you must comply with the following rules:

  1. Liaison with law enforcement agencies. If any type of violation occurs, the applicant is obliged to report the incident to the appropriate authorities. Possible situations include fraud, tampering, visiting the establishments by underage clients, etc.
  2. Support a comfortable atmosphere for users of services. The operator must provide a complete toolkit for customers to effortlessly use the services provided.
  3. Safety of financial matters. The applicant must guarantee the integrity of all transactions and, in the case of requirements, provide appropriate documentary evidence. In addition, the operator is obliged to set fixed limits for deposit/withdrawal of funds.
  4. Avoid violating the law on advertising. There is a law in Australia that it is illegal to promote online platforms through promotional materials.
  5. Qualifications of employees. All staff must be accredited, as well as competent in their position.
  6. Confidentiality of users. All participants of the game location should make sure that the personal information they provide will not be disclosed to third parties. 

And, of course, the online platform must have the appropriate robust protection against possible hacking and fraud attacks.  


Australia has established strict rules and regulations for obtaining a gambling license. And this is the very way for the license holders to confirm the fairness of the services provided and the integrity of the establishment’s activities. Therefore, gamblers from Australia do not actually need to worry about being cheated if the chosen place of the game has relevant permits and documents. Therefore, feel free to choose a platform with gambling entertainment, such as online casinos, test your luck spinning the reel of the slot game, and gain valuable gambling experience. And as soon as you are equipped with the tips and recommendations, you can start gambling.


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