Top 5 Weekly Ad Challenges and How to Handle Them?


Were you aware that about 90 percent of people have not thought about a specific brand before searching? This is among the prime reasons why advertising is very competitive. This ever-increasing competition is simply one of the multiple challenges that brands usually face when they run advertising campaigns. Yet, advertising through weekly ads is a crucial part of your business’s marketing strategy. So, you might be wondering – What are some weekly ad challenges, and what are some ways of overcoming them?”

Challenges with Weekly Ads and How You Can Handle Them?

Through this article, you will review some advertising challenges that experts think brands might face during their business and how the businesses can overcome them.

Reaching the Targeted Audience

Walgreens says that marketing is about reaching the targeted audience, at the right time, with the right message. But reaching the targeted audience is now harder and turning out to be a great challenge for advertisers. Several digital advertisers say that even if brands utilize advanced audience funnel creation and retargeting, they need to pay attention to their tracking changes where the users can select not to perceive advertising.

How to Overcome: While this might impact results on specific marketing campaigns, it is crucial to remember that the advertising industry will transfer to conform to this challenge. It could also mean that Businesses will depend on native marketing options.

Allocating Enough Budget

One more challenge that marketers might face is allocating enough budget. Budget is generally a great challenge in the marketing industry of small-scale and medium-scale businesses, but this challenge will also impact large-scale businesses. For example, digital advertisers say that advertising through weekly ads isn’t an option only; brands need to assign a budget for it like walgreens weekly ads do.

How to Overcome: This conclusion makes more sense as the reach of weekly ads decreases and becomes more volatile. A great way of combating this is to show all the data to your executive and leadership team, who take budget-related decisions and increase the advertising budget.


Of course, scalability is another great challenge many businesses face while advertising their brand. You will need to distribute weekly ads at suitable places your target audience usually visits. The marketing audience suggests that it is not only producing a performing campaign. The prime issue is to scale your campaign to grow your business efficiently.

How to Overcome: Basically, what do you do? Charles R. Walgreen (Co-Founder of Walgreens weekly ad) advises, “Businesses need to work very hard on making, testing, and administrating powerful landing pages, addressed differently to different targeted groups and marketing channels.


As discussed above, advertising through weekly ads is pretty competitive. This competition makes it difficult for your brand to reach your targeted audience on the right path. The president of Blue Wind Marketing – Lewis Goldstein, says “As more businesses enter the marketing space, your competition will be fiercer. 

How to Overcome: Goldstein suggests knowing your targeted audience profoundly and deeply. He explains, “This will allow marketers to dive into their customers’ motivation by knowing how they feel (emotion) and think (logic).” 

Downplaying Emotions’ Power 

Recently, a wave of emotional and nostalgic content has played a huge role in the marketing industry. You might think it’s just a trend going away but think again. Appealing to your customers by forgetting the crucial role of emotion and using logic leaves lots of money on the table. Eventually, people buy services and products as they feel it is the correct thing to do. 

How to Overcome: A great way to overcome this challenge is to consider what channels you market through deliberately. Goldstein suggests that it is smart to expand the channels you utilize to distribute your weekly ads. So, you will be prepared for all seasons. 

Wrapping Up 

The marketing world always changes, and new challenges appear as technology evolves. But it is crucial to consider these challenges, comply with your marketing strategies, and review methods to overcome them.


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