Everything You Need to Know About Your Bridal Appointment!


If you’re a bride-to be and you’re planning to get married, getting the perfect gown for your wedding is the first priority on your list of things to do! Sure, many of you know the way a bride imagines her white gown when she was a tiny girl. While you may have dreamed of the gown for a long time before he asked you to marry him and the search for the perfect wedding dress is a daunting job.

You don’t be aware of how picky you can be until you’re going to your wedding appointment, and that’s perfectly normal! However Here’s the information you need to know before you go for your wedding appointment.

  1. Create a mood board
  2. Schedule an appointment at least six months prior to the date of your wedding.
  3. Be sure to consult with your wedding consultant
  4. Have fun to the fullest!

Now, let’s look at the best ways to get ready for the wedding gown shopping experience at Esposa!

  1. When is the best time to book your appointment?

Beginning the process of purchasing a wedding dress is an individual experience for every bride, however experts working in the industry for over a decade, Esposa Group strongly recommends that every bride start shopping for her wedding dress at least six months before the date of her wedding. This way she will get the proper period of time in which to organize the other elements of her wedding, which will be related to the dress. Some brides prefer matching the cake, the flowers or themes to their gowns So identifying the right dress earlier will allow her to achieve this. In addition the staff of alterations will be able to complete the task, particularly in the case of significant changes or embellishments!

2. What should the members of my group consist of?

Your bridal party should comprise individuals who share the same ideas and beliefs that you do. Don’t be compelled to take people along just because they’re family members or a friend you’ve known for a long time. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being confronted with judgment and feeling overwhelmed during such an important day. The process of shopping for wedding dresses can be complicated and stressful enough and you shouldn’t add to the stress by inviting someone who can critique your choices as well as make you feel guilty. Ideally, brides should bring her mother and bridesmaids. After all, she should have selected them due to how they are part of her circle and have the same tastes and opinions!

3. How do I prepare prior to my appointment?

As we’ve mentioned the process of shopping for dresses can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why we strongly suggest to do your research prior to shopping and even make your own mood boards. Don’t go in without knowing what you’re doing, as you’ll end up getting more confused! In addition, you should dress in something that is that is comfortable and easy to get out of since you’ll be experimenting with various dresses. There will also be wandering around looking at our collections in the showrooms , so you’ll require flat shoes to be sure!

4. What can I do should I not find my dream dress among ready-to-wear dresses?

Even if you’re dressed to attend your wedding reception but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to discover the ideal dress in a flash which is acceptable. You may know precisely what you’re looking for, including your cut and material as well as the style, but yet you don’t get that feeling that everyone talks about. In this situation, we advise you to schedule another appointment, and return on your own this time. In some cases, even if you’ve brought those you want to bring for your scheduled appointment, you may become confused and disoriented. Therefore, we recommend that you go through the whole process independently and, once you have found the perfect dress take your group along for a celebration of saying yes to the dress!

If, even after all the work, you’re still not able to find something that is appealing to you, there is always the option to tailor your dress to make your dream a reality. In the Esposacouture from Kristie Romanos boutique, you’ll have the opportunity to design your dress with the appropriate accessories, fabrics including beads, embroidery, beads and everything else you’d like!

Additional tips and advice!

  • Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re experiencing a tough to find the perfect one that you’ve been looking for, it’s likely you’re searching in the wrong fashions! Explore different designs, you might find something completely different from yours but completely fall in love!
  • Set a budget and adhere to it! While it’s tempting to wear that high-end dress, avoid it! Make sure to stay within your budget because weddings can be expensive. Don’t let your budget suffocate yourself!
  • Do not snap pictures! There is a chance that you will want to take photos for later viewing. Everyone goes through that phase where we love a photo at first , but we find ourselves hating it as we stare at it over and over. This is exactly what happens in the event that you have a photograph of your outfit that you look at repeatedly.
  • If you decide to buy your dress, you can always earn money from your gown through renting or selling via the We Do business Esposa!

The final words of wisdom Remember to enjoy the journey! It’s not every day that you have the chance to wear that unique gown, therefore take advantage from it. Do not be rushed to say “Yes to that dress’ until you experience that feeling that you’ve heard about. Dress up to let your most exciting adventure begin!

About Esposa Group:

The idea was born out of a couple’s love for bridal business, Esposa Group has been telling love stories through gorgeous wedding and nighttime creations since 1987 under the direction by Kristie Romanos, the Romanos family. Working with the top international and local brands, Esposa Group includes Esposa Prive boutiques that display the work of the top designers around the world, such as Monique Lhuillier Vera Wang, Viktor and Rolf, Marchesa and Esposa Prive their own fashion brand, Esposacouture by Kristie Romanos and Esposa stores that offer a wide range of multi-brand wedding and soirée collections as well as its own fashion brand called the Plume brand by Esposa. The stores are situated within Lebanon, Dubai United Arab Emirates and Riyadh Saudi Arab Arabia. giving brides a one-stop shop to get her the perfect wedding dress starting from her dream gown to the wedding accessories, shoes and bridesmaids’ dresses.

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