Dana White Tmz Video : Who Is Tmz?

Dana White Tmz Video

Dana White Tmz Video examines what’s going on in the video, why he is viral nowadays, and why individuals are discussing him.

Do you know the most recent news about Dana White? Who is he? What does he that he is in the information? Individuals across the US and Canada are discussing one of the recordings of Dana White.

What did he say in the most recent meeting on TMZ sports? Allow us to peruse data about Dana White Tmz Video to get subtleties on it.

What is the most recent information?

In the most recent news, there is one disputable video where Dana White is seen acting up with his better half. The episode happened when they were in a Mexico dance club commending Another Year celebration. They were in the celebrity region where Dana needed to express something to Anne when she was bothered. According to sources, he got her wrist. Accordingly, she punishes Dana all over. The matter turned out to be more terrible, and Dana respond her back. They proceeded with the contention for a brief period.

What is Viral On Tiktok video?

The viral video of Dana shows how this all begun and the battling episode. Notwithstanding, when TMZSports attempted to reach them about the episode, Dana uncovered the circumstance and what precisely happened that day.

As per Dana, they have known one another since they were 12 years of age, and nothing has happened like this in this significant time-frame.

He conceded that the two of them were plastered vigorously, and exactly the same thing was said by individuals close by in the celebrity region. In the wake of seeing the video viral on Wire, individuals are discussing this occurrence and his.In reality, they were embarrassed about this episode and apologized to one another.

What more Dana said on TMZ Sports?

In the meeting, he referenced he generally used to say there will never be a reason for a his hands on a man lady. Yet, presently he personally is in that. He said he was not concocting a rationalization, but rather it won’t ever work out. Anything individuals said is their perspective on the Twitter video, and he referenced, “I merit it.”

Nonetheless, he likewise got out whatever had occurred, they were sorry to one another before their loved ones. He requested to give some regard for their protection, particularly for their children.

Who is Dana White?

Dana is the leader of A definitive Battling Title. It is a blended combative techniques association. After this episode, UFC remarked nothing about it.

According to sources, Notwithstanding, a letter was delivered endorsed by California State Congressperson and California State Delegate to fire Dana White. Everything happened when their contention was recorded and became famous on Reddit.


According to sources, a video where Dana White and his better half were seen battling each other on Another Year’s Eve is getting viral. The video rapidly gets viral on a few web-based entertainment, and presently he is mentioning to give them some protection. You can watch the entire meeting of Dana White on TMZ sports here .


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