Practice VSI CA Foundation Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers for Sure Success

CA Foundation Mock Test Papers

For any CA student, scoring marks are challenging until he has a regular VSI CA Foundation Mock Test Paper practice. Chartered Accountant is a dream career option for any student in India. If you have successfully achieved good scores or Rank in the Exams, then nobody can stop you from getting the highest position in any top-notch company in India. For that, VSI Jaipur provides complete support to their CA students by offering Free Download CA Foundation Revision Test Papers And Mock Test Papers for every CA Foundation Exams aspirant. Students can visit VSI Jaipur and achieve the desired success in CA Exams even for the crash course. Let’s find out how CA foundation Revision Test Papers are essential. 

Why Solving CA Foundation Mock Test Paper is Necessity?

CA Foundation is the first stage to complete a CA course in India. The exams are to be held after the 4 months of registration with ICAI. Students appearing for the CA Foundation Course are supposed to prepare for the entire syllabus within 4 months before the main exams. Hence, the students should prepare for the CA Foundation Exams with complete Smartness and Dedication.       

The CA foundation sample test papers and the drafted mock test papers drafted by the most experienced and skilled faculty of VSI are in good accordance with ICAI guidelines regarding the weightage and marking scheme and most frequent topics out of the vast syllabus. By solving them, students can have a better idea of the main examination question paper and can also check their preparation status. 

Is it good to prepare with RTPs and MTPs for the CA exam?

By preparing with the CA foundation revision test papers and VSI drafted mock test papers, one can enjoy the following benefits; 

  • Students have a wonderful chance to study with the free VSI drafted CA mock test papers and sample papers to complete the main paper in the exam and prepare accordingly. 
  • Practice is the key to success. With more and more practice of the sample papers and revision test papers drafted by the VSI most skilled faculty is the best way to practice. Judge your skills and the preparation level to get better marks in the main ICAI exam. It will enhance your confidence and skills. 
  • While interviewing the previous year’s rankers, we come to know the value of practicing with MTPs and RTPs well before the main exam, as a very efficient way to study. The VSI experienced faculty draft the MTPs and RTPs. 
  • By studying with the VSI drafted MTPs and RTPs, one is well aware of the most important topics and concepts to be learned with specific care before the exam. You need not worry about irrelevant topics that are very rare in the exams. 

What Happened By Solving The VSI Drafted CA Mock Test Papers And Revision Test Papers Before The Exam?

As per the previous year’s topper’s experience, it is highly recommended to study and revise with the VSI drafted CA Foundation Mock Test Paper to get the best possible marks in the ICAI exam. It will raise your confidence to a higher level while solving the exam papers. The CA foundation preparation requires efficient study plans to complete the huge syllabus in a short duration of 4 months only. 

It is better to list all doubts and weaknesses faced while solving the VSI drafted CA Foundation Revision Test Papers And Mock Test Papers by the relevant teaching faculty to eliminate them well before the CA foundation exams conducted from 9th November 2020 onwards. Solving the CA Mock Test Paper by VSI helps you get aware of the latest ICAI weightage and marking systems. 

What is the best way to prepare with VSI drafted MTPs and RTPs?

Students are recommended to solve the VSI drafted CA Foundation Revision Test Papers And Mock Test Papers according to their preparation levels. These papers are categorized according to the topics in each subject; hence, students, after finishing the specific topic, may refer to the mock test papers to check the topic’s preparation level and continue to cover the whole syllabus. 

After completing the syllabus, the VSI drafted CA, Mock Test Paper, better to solve daily to a specific number of questions in such a way that students can complete the whole syllabus before 9th November 2020. 

What are the distinctive features in the VSI drafted MTPs and RTPs?

The VSI drafted CA Foundation Revision Test Papers And Mock Test Papers that are designed under the best teaching faculty, are distinctive because of plenty of reasons. Check some of them to know why it is better to solve VSI drafted CA Foundation Mock Test Paper only, before the exam;

  • The VSI is known as the home of toppers, gave 6 times 1st AIR in the last 8 years of journey. The toppers always admire the VSI CA Foundation Mock Test Paper. 
  • VSI Jaipur is very particular about the mock test series in a very strict manner every week. It helps students to get confidence and awareness of their weaknesses in the initial stages of preparations. 
  • The VSI CA foundation mock test series are in strict accordance with the latest ICAI guidelines for CA foundation exams. 
  • VSI CA Foundation Mock Test Paper is drafted by the professional team of experts after serious discussions and analysis of previous year papers so that students can have more updated and efficient CA Mock Test Paper. 


It is suggested that all CA foundation aspirants study for the upcoming foundation exam from 9th November onwards with the VSI drafted CA Foundation Revision Test Papers And Mock Test Papers. CA foundation stage consists of a very huge syllabus to be covered in 4 months of study. Hence it requires an efficient way of study to cover the whole syllabus in this short duration of time.


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