Best places to visit in Kuwait – The Jewel Of The Middle East


This seaside country, nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, has more to offer than most people realize. Kuwait is world-class in every aspect, from history to shopping to cuisine. 

Kuwait is known for its contemporary and distinctive architecture, which includes skyscrapers and very high structures. Kuwait features water towers with traditional designs that are masterworks of engineering work, in addition to their distinctiveness on land. 

If you’re planning a vacation to Kuwait, don’t hesitate to pack your luggage and get ready to have a great time. So, without further delay, book emirates airlines reservations online and save up to 45% off immediately on every flight to Kuwait. However, before you begin, you should be aware of the sites that you may visit or that must be seen within your time frame. 

As a result, in this article, I’ll go over the 10 finest locations to visit in Kuwait, which can help you plan your vacation to a country like Kuwait.

Grand Mosque 

The Grand Mosque is one of the world’s treasures. This mosque is Kuwait’s largest and most official mosque. The great mosque has the privilege of hosting formal religious rituals and celebrations. It is approximately 46,000 square meters in size. The Grand Mosque is a traditional example of Islamic architecture. Furthermore, there is a hint of Persian structural architecture. During Ramadan, Muslims from all around the world congregate here (an Islamic month).

Kubbar Island 

This island, sometimes known as ‘Kobar,’ is located in the Persian Gulf, roughly 30 kilometers south of Kuwait’s southern point. The little island dubbed the “Ibiza of Kuwait” by visitors, is surrounded by crystal blue seas and features sandy beaches ideal for trendy parties. When visiting the Gulf country, it’s only natural to include Kuwait in your itinerary. This teeny-tiny island with the best BBQ in the world is waiting for you. 

Aqua Park 

Aqua Park is the perfect location to go if you’re searching for some thrilling and daring activities. The first and largest area is where Aqua Park is located. Scuba diving, swimming, a children’s pool, a volleyball court, and a variety of other activities are available beneath the park for you to enjoy with your family and friends. This is a fantastic park.

Islamic Arts

The Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Art has a collection spanning the previous fifty years, with over thirty thousand artifacts amassed throughout that time. The objects and photos in the collection come from all across the Islamic world. Thousands of objects are on permanent display in this collection, while some are shown in particular seaside displays. 

American Cultural Centre 

The American Cultural Center is a fantastic venue to learn about and create art from many civilizations, including the Middle East, Asia, and the Far East. The American hospitals, which are massively constructed, are the primary attraction. All historical sites are presented in an educational manner. The American Cultural Center is a must-see during your vacation to Kuwait.


Hawaii, often known as ‘Hawi,’ is one of Kuwait’s six provinces and was once home to a large number of Palestinians. It is now populated by Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Lebanese, and Indians, and is a melting pot of civilizations. Geographically, this major city area is found in the country’s eastern region. It is the governor’s geographical position that makes him so lovely.

Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo houses a vast variety of uncommon and unusual species. There are 1606 creatures in all, including endangered species. In addition, uncommon birds are divided into five categories, each of which has at least 12 species. The animals in the cages are kept in opulent surroundings.

Scuba Diving 

Kuwait’s shoreline runs for almost 100 miles and is adorned with breathtaking ocean vistas and crystal clear seas, making it a popular diving destination. Cobar Island is one of the most popular diving sites in the area, and it is a great spot to see stingrays, fish, and corals when diving. Cobar Island is the ideal spot to relax and catch some rays on the beach, even if you are not a huge lover of getting in the water. 

National Museum 

French architect Michel Ecocard is responsible for making Kuwait the former glory. Now recovering from the Iraqi invasion, it is a great place to learn about the country’s history and past traditions. The museum consists of five buildings connected by elevated walkways and built around a central courtyard. It is divided into four parts – Kuwait Heritage Museum, Archaeological Museum, Boom Al Mohallab, and Planetarium. 


Kuwait’s tourist attractions are as diverse as chalk and cheese, with everything from provocative art galleries to a small island with pristine beaches and much more. There’s something for everyone. So, plan a US vacation with AirlinesMap and customize your travel package according to budget. With so many things to do, you will undoubtedly have a memorable time. Happy Vacation!


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