AWS Career Path: What You Need to Know


Cloud Computing is no longer a newcomer in the tech space but has become an integral part of most businesses and organisations. AWS or Amazon Web Services is the global leader among cloud service providers surpassing Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Thousands of companies need AWS professionals in their ranks to manage their operations. The shortage of talent in AWS has put these businesses in a tricky situation. Hence AWS certification path might push your career into new highs.  

Why AWS Certification? 

The majority of organisations, big or small, are transferring their applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. For this reason, cloud computing professionals demand is at an all-time high, and its market is occupied by AWS (Amazon Web Services). 

 IT professionals enrolling in an AWS certification course will open up many avenues in the field of cloud services. It will give you a benefit over others when it comes to job interviews in high-profile companies. If you obtain AWS training and certification, it means the best cloud service provider validates your cloud computing skills.

Different AWS Cloud Certifications Available

AWS certification training is given at different levels with a total of 12 certifications. 

⮚   Foundation Certification 

●     AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: This is an entry-level certification designed to train candidates on the basics of AWS cloud. 

⮚   Associate-level Certifications

●     AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate (SAA-C02): In this training program, you will learn the process of designing, managing, and implementing applications using tools and services on the AWS cloud. 

●     AWS Certified Developer: Associate: Candidates will be trained on the development and maintenance of AWS-based applications. You will become an AWS cloud developer and write actual code to access AWS applications within your custom business applications.

●     AWS Certified SysOps Administrator–Associate: This AWS certification path needs system administrators to have the technical expertise and knowledge of the operations of the AWS platform. 

⮚   Professional-level Certifications

●     AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Professional: You will become a professional AWS architect after getting this certification. Your responsibility will be to assess the organisation’s needs and make architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying applications on AWS.

●     AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Aws DevOps cloud certification will teach you about continuous delivery (CD) and the automation of processes of the AWS platform. 

⮚   Speciality Certifications

●     AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty: This certification is for professionals from a data analytics background. The certificate will validate the candidate’s experience in extracting value from data using AWS services.

●     AWS Certified Advanced Networking: This certification will validate the candidate’s experience and skills in performing complex networking tasks on AWS and hybrid IT networking architecture. 

●     AWS Certified Security: This certification course covers topics about cloud security that will help you master security fundamentals, best practices and build in-depth knowledge in vital services specific to the AWS platform.

  • AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder: Specialty: This certification proves your technical expertise in creating, testing, and implementing Amazon Alexa skills.

●     AWS Certified Machine Learning: Specialty: This certification proves your prowess in creating and implementing machine learning solutions for business problems. 

●     AWS Certified Database-Specialty: This certification validates your understanding of all the AWS database services offered and their optimisation. 

How to become AWS Cloud Certified Professional

✔ Choose the relevant AWS certification course 

✔ Get trained through the best online training centres

✔ Get hands-on experience through the best instructors 

✔ Take up AWS practice tests to familiarise with certification exam formats 

✔ Clear the main exam and become AWS Certified professional 

Who can take up AWS Cloud Certification Exams? 

✔ SysOps administrators

✔ Solutions architects

✔ Developers

✔ Cloud administrators

✔ Security consultants

✔ Database administrator

✔ Cloud developers

✔ DevOps professionals

✔ Security specialists

Benefits of AWS Cloud Certification

✔ Demonstrate your skills and expertise across AWS cloud-based platforms and impress your employers 

✔ Demand a better salary package in your current company 

✔ Getting shortlisted for most interviews 

✔ Better chances of promotions 

✔ Gain expert-level knowledge on cloud computing  

✔ Overseas job opportunities will increase 

AWS certification path is an excellent choice for boosting your career by getting validation from the best cloud service provider in the world. Also, this certification will showcase your dedication and thirst for knowledge, making you eligible for promotions and a higher salary package. Moreover, in a few years, almost every company will be using AWS services, undoubtedly opening up substantial job opportunities for AWS certified professionals.


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