3 Effective Tricks To Apply To Increase Your E-Commerce Reviews

Increase Your E-Commerce Reviews

“Hope you had a good time. Kindly share your feedback on our social media page.”

Most of you must be familiar with this message. It usually shows up in your email or message folder after you have used an app, purchased something online or ate at a restaurant. Either the delivery staff or the owner of the business is most likely to say these words to you.


It is because online customer reviews reflect who you are, what you do and how you do it. Whether you run a restaurant or a clothing store, your potential customers are most likely to read the My assignment help reviews about your business and then make a decision. In short, online reviews not only put your business under the spotlight but also help you win over your target audience’s trust.

93% of consumers have confirmed that online reviews had a strong impact on their purchasing decisions. Statistics also reveal that consumers are more likely to spend 31% more on businesses that have a wide slew of positive reviews. So, let’s check out the three tricks you can apply to increase your e-commerce reviews.

1. Start with your close ones

Your clients may or may not leave a review behind after using your services. But, your family and friends will write a positive review upon request. They love you and want you to succeed. So, writing a positive, kind review won’t really do them any harm.

But, remember…

Reliable reviewing websites often use an AI-based scanner to filter scam reviews. So, it is better that you suggest them not to write unrealistic reviews.


You can request them to go purchase an item from your online store and then write a                   review about it.

That way, you will also get to know if there are any technical issues in the purchasing process. After your family members have posted their reviews, make sure you acknowledge their feedback. Your response towards the reviews also reflects your connection with your customers.

2. Use post-purchase emails to encourage positive feedback

As business owners, your responsibility isn’t limited to selling products. All business owners are doing that. So, how to make yourself stand out from the crowd? You can send customised post-purchase emails, thereby requesting your customers to share their feedback.

Reaching out to each and every customer after they have made a purchase is impossible. So, design a system by which you get to collect the email IDs of all the paying customers. Then send them the customised post-purchase emails and ask for reviews.

3. Connect with social influencers

 Nearly 45% of the world’s population use social media. And social media influencers are the latest trend in this platform. Social media influencers may or may not be a celebrity. But, all of them have a significant number of followers. They have the power to persuade their followers to write a review about something or buy products from a specific company.

I would suggest you go for the big names to make the most out of social media influencers. Yes, this step is expensive but promises a considerable number of reviews about your brand. Connecting with the right social media influencer can help you spread the word about your brand to a wider set of the target audience.

How to work with the social media influencer?

  • Connect with the influencer with the maximum of followers.
  • Request them to review your product either visually or in written format.
  • Share the review on as many social media platforms as possible.

For instance, let’s say you want reviews on an academic site named ‘MyAssignmenthelp.com.’ So, request a social influencer in the education niche to write a MyAssignmenthelp review or create a video about it. You can then share the review all over social media.

Wrapping Up,

You may have a visually appealing e-commerce website. But, that isn’t enough to build a client base online. You need a significant number of reviews about your website to bring quality traffic and leads to your site. Follow the steps discussed above to increase the number of reviews about your e-commerce website. As per top reviewing sites such as topassignmentreviews.com and essaycritics.com, reviews should be 100% genuine. Do not get into the habit of writing fake reviews since that might penalise your e-commerce site.

Author Bio: Keira is an assistant professor at a reputed university in the United Kingdom. She also reviews on best essay writing service at Essaycritics.com. Keira loves to spend time with his children whenever she is free.


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