8 Google Ads Best Practices For 2022


As a business owner or marketer, one thing you need most right now is to up your game by learning and putting into good use, the new capabilities of Google Ads. 

Bidding, testing, and optimization have been automated i.e can now fully run on their own which means, you are having a mole time to conduct research, strategize and carry out a competitive analysis. 

This is why in this post, you will get to learn about the 8 Google Ads best practices for 2022 that need to be incorporated into your frame of work. You can learn more on this website.

Optimizing Your Google Ads Account Structure For Better Performance

Before you start that campaign, planning your Google Ads account is crucial and beneficial to the conversion of your campaigns.

Determine whether your advert is for a brand, hybrid, product, or service. A hybrid campaign most often performs better than other types of adverts. So, try and split your campaigns, to have more control over your spending and result. 

Also, try and get to understand how the website is structured. This will help you better organize your Google Ads account organization tree. This way, you can structure your campaigns and as groups the same way or based on how your products and services appear or are listed on your website. 

You can also employ an ISP proxy to create multiple google ads accounts. This will in turn increase the reach of your campaign and potentially reach more prospects.

Optimizing Your Budgets Plan

How much is your daily budget for each ad? This you should painstakingly plan most especially if you are working on a tight budget. Consider reducing the number of campaigns so that you can have a higher budget for each which will help you focus more on the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Optimizing Your Ads For Natural Language Search 

Google is prioritizing Ads written in natural language over keywords clutter. Natural language search involves expressing search terms in everyday language. Its popularity these days is getting more fascinating. 

The popularity of NLS is because voice search is taking a larger chunk of overall search traffic. Also, Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) allows Google to better parse user intent when search terms are written in natural language. 

The conversion rate of natural language search style is three times that of regular keywords. 

Optimizing Your Ads for Native and Mobile Search 

More than half of web browsing happens on mobile devices. It’s only wise to have a Google Ads strategy for mobile and native devices. 

Apart from tailoring your Ads for both mobile and web devices, there are also inherent changes in behavior on both devices. Desktop conversions are higher than mobile conversions but almost 70% of total ad clicks come from mobile devices. So, both audiences can be very valuable.

Optimizing Your Ads To Evoke Emotions

It is well established that in the digital advertising circle, evoking an emotional response from your audiences is effective. You will want to review the emotional register of your ads. 

When planning your Call To Action, keep in mind the ideal outcome of your prospect’s decision. For instance, making use of “Subscribe now to boost your business growth” will produce that ideal emotional response. 

Using Negative Keywords For Your Ads. 

Curating the limits on who is likely to see your ads will help in refining your audience and save you money. This means that Google wouldn’t show your ads to any keyword you’ve set to negative match. It’s a way to better define your keyword management. This is more or less dealing with who will be able to see your ads. 

Building Detailed Landing Page 

It is not cool to have your ads converted only for prospects to land on a poorly detailed landing page. 

A well-designed landing page is crucial to the overall success of your ads and is an important part of your Google Ads. Make use of the same CTA and keyword in both your ads and landing page. This will ensure that your landing page has the same emotional response as your ads. 

Your landing pages should have large and clearly labeled buttons, effective color contrast, and efficient CTAs to show the prospects the next steps. Also, take note that for an effective landing page, one CTA and one product per landing page are optimal for a higher conversion rate.  


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