Reasons To Choose Concrete Over Other Materials


There are different things used for building and one of the materials that are commonly used is concrete. You may want to consider certain factors like price, resilience, and safety before making the decision of materials to use. Let’s get into the reasons why you should choose concrete over other materials. Also, see here for foundation repair lexington.

  • Cost-Effective And Readily Available 

The cost of producing concrete is lower relative to others in the market. It is easy to produce, therefore it is always available. The major ingredients to make concrete are cement and water which are always available at low prices. 

  • Low Maintenance 

Another reason why you should pick concrete over other materials is that you do not need a lot of work and money for its maintenance.  Any changes or customization can be done with various tools. Unlike other materials like wood or steel that can still experience rot or rust and may need to be repainted periodically. 

  • It Is Fireproof 

When deciding the material to use for your construction project, you must consider safety and health hazards. Concrete can absorb heat which in turn makes it fireproof. Other materials like wood and polymer cannot withstand heat. A structure made out of concrete will stand fit during the outbreak of a fire. 

  • Durability 

Another reason you should pick concrete over other building materials is that it is very durable. Concrete is almost three or four times stronger than other building materials. Polymer, wood, or even steel needs to be changed as time goes on. But concrete remains sturdy and durable. 

  • Fit In Any Area 

More reason why you should choose concrete over other materials is the fact that it can fit into any area it is needed – whether big or small. It can even be cast into any shape. Concrete is usually first in a liquid state, then it will be poured and cast into any shape and side you want. 

Note: Although wood can also be cut into any shape and size to fit any area, concrete is still the better option because it is more durable, trustworthy, and can even be designed to look like other materials like brick, stone, and wood. 

  • Wind And Water Resistance

Concrete is resistant to the forces of wind and water. Water can result in the growth of mold on wood especially. Even a great rainstorm for example can damage other materials. Therefore, concrete has a level of resistance that allows it to withstand these forces better than other materials used for building. 

  • Different Modes Of Application 

One great reason to choose concrete over other materials is the availability of many ways to apply it. Concrete can be applied by hand, can be pumped, sprayed, or grouted. There are also advanced modes of application like shotcreting when building tunnels. 

  • Little Or No Waste 

Unlike other building materials that leave behind a huge amount of remains, concrete does not. You can easily produce the amount you want to use. Residuals can also be crumbled and remixed to be used in other construction sites. This helps to minimize waste to the bare minimum. 


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