5 Wonderful Ways to Make your Living Room Looks More Cozy


The living room is the heart of the house. After the kitchen, it is bustling with energy. Whether you have people over, or you want to enjoy a chill Sunday lying on the couch in front of the TV in your living room, doing nothing, it needs to be cozy. How do you make your living room comfy without spending a lot of money? With help from the experts! In this blog, we share some expert-recommended tips that will transform your living room into the perfect cozy room where you can chill with friends or see the day pass by without any guilt.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the tips so that you can transform now.

  • Find a colour palette that suits you perfectly

Choosing a colour palette for your living room is tricky but an essential part of making it cozy and chill. Don’t be hasty with this decision, take your time and choose a palette that makes you feel calm and peaceful when you see your living room. To have a peaceful living room, you don’t need to go all white or light colours. Dark or neutrals are incredible too. Just go with something that brings you a sense of serenity.

Here are some of your options:

  • White plus orange: Want a white living room? Go for it but perk it with orange hues here and there. Yes, orange can work well with your white living room, giving it liveliness and personality. For instance, your couch cushion can be orange, which you can replace according to season.
  • Denim plus Taupe plus Terra Cotta: Taupe, warm wood notes, or Terra Cotta goes perfectly well with Denim and can give you a soothing living room where you would want to chill all day.
  • Everlasting roses for your coffee table

The coffee table is integral to your living room setting. It is both a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture. While the design of the coffee table should be according to space, living room design, and according to the colour theme, decorating it can be fun. For instance, you can do sections where you place books, a box of food, and more. Or you can go with minimal decors, like having a beautiful flower vase. For flowers, we would suggest you go with everlasting roses. These roses that last for a year or more, are an aesthetic piece of décor that will liven up your coffee table. You can pair it with other things to give your living room a wholesome look.

  • Adding shine doesn’t hurt

A cozy living room can do well with some metallic, brass, or copper shine. While these go perfectly with navy or grey walls, they work with all colours. You only need to be creative for that. For instance, a brass frame or metallic or shiny cushion covers can add shine to your cozy room.

  • Play with lights- layer lighting is the best

Lights in your living room can play an essential role in making it cozier. When it comes to light, do not stick with one. Have all three types of lights in your living room. They are:

  • Ambient- The basic fall ceiling and natural lights
  • Task- The lights which help you accomplish tasks like lamps or so on
  • Accent- The lights which are best for ambiance, like scones.

Have a mix of all of these in different colours. Also, play with the lights according to the mood you are in for the best feel.

  • Get a comfortable sofa

The couch or sofa is the life of the living room. Now, you undoubtedly would like to have a comfortable sofa. But you also want one which can accommodate many people and allows you to have naps in it anytime. Go one according to your space, making sure it is not narrower or too small.

Bonus tip: If you want an instant cozy feeling in your living room, light up the fireplace. Don’t have one? Use candles to give yourself a cozy living room to eat or sleep or drink wine with your partner.

Which tip is your favourite? Experiment with a few of them to get the living room that is perfect for your personality and home. Make it cozy and something you would feel relaxed after a day’s hard work.


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