Tips for ordering your first hair system


If you’ve decided on wearing a hair system, you’ve taken the first step in reclaiming a full head of hair and gaining your confidence back. However, it’s not as simple as just choosing the one which you think looks good. There are many factors you need to consider to not only get a hair replacement system that works for you, but one that is also natural looking and not suspicious.

This blog will look at some common mistakes newcomers make and how they can be avoided.

Get the right hair density

You’ve been balding or without a full head of hair for years. You are ordering a hair system and see that you have an option to get plenty of hair density with the toupee that you pick out. Naturally, you’ll want as much as you can get, because who doesn’t want to get the thickest hair possible? However, this is a big mistake. Even if you think you can thin out the density, it will leave a tiny stubble against the base. The result is a rough and unnatural feel when you run your fingers through your hair system.

Additionally, having too much density for your age or one that doesn’t suit you can be a dead giveaway that you’re wearing hair pieces. Not everyone wants that to be the case, so it’s always best to opt for a lighter hair density first and work your way up to your desired level.

Recession matters

Just because you have toupee hair now, doesn’t mean you can now magically have a hairline that every guy desires. You technically can, but if it’s too disproportionate to your age and hairstyle, it can be another dead giveaway that you’re wearing a hair system. Hairline recession is natural with age, and choosing a hair unit with recession will only make your hair more natural and realistic especially if you’re on the older side.

Note: Hairlines traditionally fall in the A, AA, C, CC shaped front hairlines.

Properly place the hair system

Another mistake many newcomers make is placing their hair system too far forward on their head. Now if you’re getting your hair system installed by a professional or salon, you likely won’t have to worry about this. But if you’ve decided to take the step of installing it yourself, you may place it the wrong way.

You may know about the four-finger rule when it comes to determining your hairline. You just place four of your fingers above your eyebrow and where it ends is where your hairline is. Ideally, you should place your hair system here. But with that said, it’s not fully accurate as everyone’s forehead or finger width can be different. In general, though, it’s a good estimate to figure out where you should place your hair system so that it’s not only comfortable, but natural looking.

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