5 Reasons for Working with Companies That Track Your Containers in Real-Time


Container tracking is among the pillars of professional logistics transportation and helps relay essential information throughout the shipping process. Most shipping companies have dedicated real-time monitoring regardless of the type of goods, which is commendable. But while that’s seemingly essential, a few reasons exist, stamping the need for such dedicated departments in shipping operations. Better yet, fusing that with contemporary tracking technology makes it more efficient. Here are the reasons for tracking your containers in real-time.

1. Increased Communication Efficiency

Working with a company that communicates effectively as a cargo shipping client is a no-brainer. You must keep track of your goods and ensure they’re safe and well protected throughout the shipment process. Besides, quick updates could be instrumental if the goods are somewhat delicate or perishable, and the conditions to keep them in good shape don’t allow them. Perhaps, you could offer your two cents on on-site recovery measures and help prevent further damages and losses.

2. Better Planning and Cargo Reception

Sometimes, a few shipment glitches exist, delaying your delivery. Also, it’s typical for some shipping companies to deliver goods before the stipulated time, catching you unaware and unprepared. It’s recommended that you work with companies offering real-time tracking and well-managed container depots in Singapore, and you can find one by visiting https://www.cogentholdingsltd.com/our-business/container-depot/. Knowing where your cargo is in the shipment process and when it arrives at your preferred destination helps you plan for pick up ahead for

3. Shipment Safety

Shipping isn’t as straightforward when everything is in the dark, and it’s often challenging to determine whether or not your cargo is safe. As a client, cargo safety is always a priority, and there aren’t any bargains. Of course, you pay for the services rendered; safety concerns should always be with your container shipping company. But knowing that your cargo is in good hands and your shipment company is responsible offers much-needed peace of mind.

4. Identify Problems Before They Become Disruptions

It’s typical to encounter shipping issues, and while your shipping company may update you quickly, sometimes, you may not be available for such imminent emergencies. Your shipment company may reach out for suggestions to improve shipping conditions, but it’d be much better if you had this information in a more automated tracking. That helps you suggest conditional or situational changes as problems pop up, preventing them from becoming disruptions.

5. Avoid Long Calls to Customer Services

While customer service is available for your convenience, sometimes it helps to be well aware of how your cargo is and where it’s reached without making long calls. That helps save on time and effort to make complaints or offer suggestions for changes if any exist. Customer services may be available at your convenience, but it can sometimes take forever and a day for your tips for modifications to get implemented. But knowing your cargo’s conditions enables you to lean back and relax without the need to inquire about anything.


Working with a company that correctly tracks your containers in real-time has its benefits. Besides offering a much-needed peace of mind, it allows you to suggest changes on the go and identify problems before they become disruptions. Besides, that helps you avoid nagging customer service calls, giving you a space to breathe.


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