5 Ideal Ways to Clean Your iPad Screen Without Damage


iPad screens often get dirty despite living in a clean and dust-free ambience. Therefore, you may have to clean it frequently, but how best should you do that? Despite most iPad screens being sturdy and scratch-resistant, they aren’t less vulnerable to bruising, destroying their sheen and appeal in the long haul. If you’re down with installing a screen protector, that should round it up, and you’re good to go. But for those who don’t mind staying without one, here’s how best to clean your iPad screen without damage.

1. Turn Your iPad Off or Unplug It

Before cleaning your iPad screen, switch it off or unplug it from the power socket. That’s an extra step to safe cleaning, ensuring you don’t receive any electric shocks. Most iPads have outer metal casings that may transfer a little current when plugged in, and moisture may worsen things. However, this threat is less severe on unplugged iPads, and non-existent on switched-off iPads.

2. Use a Clean Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths offer a gentler and softer touch and are less abrasive than most linen. Their surfaces aren’t usually rigid, even when dry. iPad screens have oleophobic screens that don’t quickly get grimy and dirty, which aids in cleaning using microfiber cloths. Using tough fibre to clean might invite unsavoury scratching, making your screen’s sheen disappear with time. However, you may still get repair or replacement help by visiting https://lykrepair.com/services/ipad/ipad-screen-repair in Singapore. Despite repair help being available at a hand stretch, early precaution during cleaning can save you the hassle.

3. Dampen It with Isopropyl Alcohol

While cleaning your screen with a dry microfiber cloth won’t harm you, you never want friction to be your scapegoat for microscopic scratches. Therefore, consider using isopropyl alcohol to clean your screen. Ideally, dampening your microfiber cloth in 70% isopropyl alcohol and wringing it to remove the excess moisture is recommendable. However, avoid wetting the screen with moisture to prevent it from seeping inside through microscopic openings. If possible, use a dry part of the cloth to dry the screen immediately.

4. Use a Circular Motion to Clean

When cleaning your iPad screen using damped microfiber, ensure that you do it in a circular motion. Cleaning in rounded movements prevents creaking, ideally the noticeable marks your cloth forms. Cleaning in linear movements can easily scratch your iPad screen’s surface in the long haul. You don’t want to get caught in the dilemma of having to replace your screen or use it as it is, imagining the high cost of replacing it with a new one.

5. Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

When cleaning your iPad screen, ensure that you do it gently rather than applying excessive, damaging pressure. iPad screens are incredibly delicate even though they appear tough and sturdy. And you may crack them any minute if you use excessive force. Besides, your chances of scratching it are incredibly high if you rub them haphazardly. Therefore, please be gentle when cleaning your iPad screen.


Cleaning your iPad screen requires care and using the best cleaning tools, including a microfiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol. And if you do it in rounded motions without applying too much force, you stand a chance of keeping it intact without damage. Hopefully, these few tips will acquaint you with correctly cleaning your iPad screen.


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