Tips to Find Affordable New Condo Launches in Singapore


New condo launches in Singapore are always a hot topic, with the new condos costing upwards of $1000 per square foot. Though these prices are nowhere near indicative of affordability, there are still newer projects that are more affordable. New condo launches in Singapore are a standard topic on blogs and social media channels with many bloggers clamouring over which project will be the most affordable. To find affordable new condo launches in Singapore, you need the following tips;

1. Real estate agents

This may seem counterintuitive but real estate agents are the best places to find new condo launches in Singapore. Real estate agents are your best resource for information about newly launched condos. Not only do they keep a walking database of all the newest launches but they also have access to other resources of this information.

2. Builders

The second option is to approach the developers directly on new condo launches in Singapore. You can be sure that they will disclose any information on future projects to you, though it may cost you a fee or some kind of favour in return for this information. They may also deny this information to you if they wish to protect their trade secrets.

3. Other blogs/social media channels

You can look for new condo launches in Singapore on other blogs and social media channels. Many bloggers have access to this information and may be willing to share it with you in exchange for a fee or some other form of consideration. Do not waste the opportunity of contacting them, if they provide such information on new condo launches in Singapore, it will be invaluable for your future investments.

4. Network with investors

If you are looking for affordable new condo launches in Singapore, then you can take your search one step further by mingling with other investors. If you are willing to part with money for this information and funds, you can find more leads on projects that are affordable and launch within the near future. This is known as cold-calling, but as long as you do not charge them, they will probably be willing to give out some information on upcoming projects.

5. Ongoing research efforts

The last option is to think about a comprehensive research effort on new condo launches in Singapore but it will be your best source of information if you yourself have the requisite investment and financial resources that can execute the investment undertaking. It is a long-term investment and you will have to be patient and disciplined in executing the long-term plans.

In order to find new condo launches in Singapore, you need these tips as well as some of your own research. Take your time in researching this because this will also tell you the current state of the market and how it may be changing over time. When investing in real estate, it is always better to make an informed decision rather than making an uninformed decision. Seek advice from experts or people that have made investments based on similar goals as yours because they will have vast knowledge on this topic.


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