Why VPN is important in Canada – Key Factors to consider



Canada was considered to be the country enjoying most online freedom with no strict surveillance and censorship laws. Unfortunately, with recent enforcement of two controversial bills (C-11 and C-51) in Canada, privacy has become important for netizens. Obviously, if this law and order conditions prevail in the country, it can badly affect the rights of netizens. Therefore, in these dire situations, a VPN for Canada becomes an active tool of relief through which you can avoid those censorship and surveillance laws to bring back your online freedom.

How Can A Canadian Get Off These Restrictions?

If you are a Canadian or let’s say you want to spend your vacations in Canada or you have to go there for some business meetings, you will surely get struck with the controversial restrictions being imposed on Canadian internet users. Due to the excessive surveillance in the country an individual becomes caged like a prisoner. However, these governmental threats and online surveillance can be cut off completely using best VPN for Canada!   

Factually, Canadians still enjoy the freedom of getting access to geo-restricted websites banned in other countries because in Canada geo-restrictions have not yet peaked up that much! Still, the use of best Canadian VPN combat against other security and privacy related issues. For instance Malwares, Cybercriminals, irritating online surveillance, metadata collection and downloading your favorite torrent content without fear of being caught by government.  

Most of the popular VPN providers’ such as Express vpn, cyberghost or Astrill offers at least one vpn server in Canada on average. However, best Canadian VPNs focused on servers’ expansion in most important areas like Canada, US, and UK. Hence, you can expect relatively significant numbers of servers’ with best Canadian VPN to get connected to the internet anonymously!

How Does A Best VPN For Canada Works?

The requirement of every individual needing a VPN varies. If you want best Canada VPN to get access to blocked content then it will connect to nearby server close to your location to bypass the geo-restrictions. Also, if you want to surf the digital world within Canada safely and securely then your best VPN for Canada will assign you Canadian IP to get connected to Canadian server allowing you access to enter Canadian online library.

In addition to give you license to digital library of Canada and evade geo-restrictions, best VPN for Canada guarantees plus security and privacy from Canadian governmental snooping by offering strong tunneling protocols namely, OpenWeb, StealthVPN, Wireguard, OpenVPN and, SSTP. Thus, as you get activated with best VPN Protocols for Canada, all your data traffic will hide under strong encrypted tunnel leaving you anonymous to your ISP or any agency snooping over you!

Major Concern before Opting Best VPN for Canada:

With the enforcement of Copyright Modernization Act, choosing best VPN for Canada still leaves you in doubts due to the policy which state that all VPN providers are bound to keep log of their users. However, if privacy is your foremost concern and you want to overcome this dilemma of data retention in Canada then you should choose VPN for Canada located overseas. 

In spite of the fact that best Canadian VPN companies offers “zero log policy” but still the air is not clean due to the prevailed data retention law of government. All Canada based VPN providers come under the provision of notice-and-notice system and to send DMCA notices to the consumers. Therefore, we have listed above those best VPN for Canada that are not located in Canada but they offer servers there so that you may experience online freedom up to full extent within or outside Canada! 

Get Access To Us Netflix Via Best Canadian VPN:


The idea of best Canada VPN comes into mind when you are crazy for watching huge library of Netflix US. Though, Netflix subscription is as low as $8/month to all of its subscribers but not all shows are available to users outside United States. US Netflix consist of more than 10,000 TV show while only 4,000 TV show and movies accessible on Canada Netflix. 

As far as logging into Netflix site is concerned, your residing location is automatically detected and this will enable how much content would be accessible for you to watch. Currently, Netflix is available in 190 countries. But, its whole content is not permissible to users outside United States. US Netflix contains more than double collection of movies and series when compared to Canada Netflix which is obviously more appealing for Canadians.

However, best VPN for Canada allow its subscribers to switch to US Netflix for accessing the same plateful of Netflix content offered to American users. If you are willing to switch to US Netflix then you can get connected to one of the US server via best VPN for Canada. It changes your IP address by giving you US IP address and thus granting you access to entertainment world of Netflix US without barriers! 

Additional Benefits of Best VPN for Canada:

Check out more inclusive benefits that comes in handy with best VPN for Canada which are no doubt worth having:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High speed
  • Dedicated IP for good privacy
  • DDoS attack prevention feature
  • Smart DNS feature
  • P2P filesharing allowed
  • Safe Online gaming
  • No log files
  • High device compatibility
  • Excellent customer service


Canada enjoys the most benefits due to neighboring relations with US and also with its freedom in online domain.

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