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The individuals from the Sinergia Policy implementation Administration Program visited the offices of El General paper, perhaps of the most broadly dispersed Mexican paper in the nation, established in 1916.

On board the school transport and following a lot of time seclusion because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the understudies, after their landing in the structure, were acquainted with the establishment, history and general direction through which the paper has voyaged. Visiting the workplaces of the editors, missing around then, their work being in them in the early evening night, they had the option to encounter the quiet environment of the spaces, fairly more rushed in the early evening, in which the notes, stories and significant information of the step by step they design and wind for the general population.

Then, the visit incorporated a visit through the mechanical heart of El General: its goliath turning presses, a space in which they found out about the printing system, the activity of the hardware, age and the various papers are imprinted on them. .

Afterward, the show went on with the supervisor in-head of the Country area, Francisco Reséndiz, who made sense of the working of the Congress of the Association with its two chambers and the job that he and his group play in catching the news and the favored reality to observe the political and legitimate history of the nation live and coordinate. They likewise met two of their journalists, who cover the Office of Representatives and the Senate of the Republic and who imparted to the understudies the work they have been accomplishing for a long time, a space that additionally opened an exchange on international strategy issues, the difficulties that columnists face on issues of savagery, energy change, order disavowal, among others.

With boisterous praise, a greeting from writers as speakers to the Universidad Anáhuac México and a gift to the understudies from Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret, overseer of the paper, the scholarly visit finished.


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