Ways to keep your home looking picture perfect


A well-made or well-decorated home can look good and as good as new only if it is maintained properly. A house that looks inviting and smells good, leaves a positive mark on every visitor. Here are some ways you can keep your house looking good at all times. 

Tips to keep your home looking perfect

  1. Alignment of items – This may come as a surprise but the alignment of items can make a huge difference in the presentation. Properly aligned chairs, tables, rugs, and even decorative pieces make the space look neater and nicer. Proper alignment also gives the feeling of symmetry which automatically makes the space look more organized and neater. 
  2. A clear focal point – An obvious focal point makes it easy for you to decorate your space. For example, if your TV is in the living area, then that is the focal point. If not, then the focus shifts to the coffee table instead. Keep the focal point simple and not very crowded. If your focus is the TV, then try not to add too many things to the TV unit design
  3. Pillows, cushions, and throws – A lot of times we underestimate the impact pillows, cushions, and throws have on how the room is looking. Neatly kept and fluffed cushions or pillows are the first things you notice in a picture you see online or in a magazine. A properly or stylishly draped throw over the couch can make it look cozy and comfortable. 
  4. Layer the textures – Layered textures are one of the most attractive trends that have been going on for a while. Layering cotton on jute or vice versa on the floor gives it a boho vibe without it looking tacky. You can layer textures on the couch as well. Couple a woolen throw with jute cushion covers on a cotton sofa, and you have yourselves a hit piece. 
  5. Lighting throughout the house – At nightime, the lighting of the house should be done to avoid any dark corners and illuminate the whole house equally. If you do not wish to go for dimmers and mood lighting, you can create combinations of lights that can be turned on, just like in hotel rooms. If you have some paintings on the walls you wish to be seen, then it is best you use fixtures that focus on them. 
  6. Cleaning of walls – Rarely seen as the place to be cleaned, walls get dirty over time. Dust settles and eventually sticks to it because of the moisture in the air. Walls should be cleaned at least every 3 months to preserve the originality of the colour and to ensure they don’t become too difficult to clean later on. The film of dusty grey becomes obvious after a period of about 4 to 5 months. 
  7. Decal stickers for kitchen walls – Kitchen walls get dirty easily due to constant exposure to heat and oily splashes. They are almost impossible to clean and the only way to get rid of the stains is to repaint. Avoid this hassle and get yourself decal stickers that are easy to clean and you can change frequently. 

Making your home look beautiful is a constant job but some of these things will make a big difference and are sure to help you out. 


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