What is voice based search and how it impacts modern SEO

What is voice based search and how it impacts modern SEO

Without a possibility of a doubt, the introduction of mobile devices has shifted the direction of internet marketing. By focusing more resources on mobile, Google is essentially forcing businesses to accept the reality that mobile is the future of the internet. Because of this, companies all over the world are beginning to incorporate mobile devices into their digital marketing plans.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial and increasingly important part of digital marketing, but it is being affected by recent developments in mobile technology and the popularity of voice-activated search engines. Local searches made on mobile devices have replaced the more conventional methods of finding information.

Continual technological development has endowed digital marketing with its present dynamism. One recent technological advancement in this field is voice-enabled search on mobile devices. To exemplify how technology may make people’s lives easier, consider voice-activated search.

Speaking your query into the microphone instead of typing it in is a time- and labour-saving feature of voice search. Using our voices instead of typing has revolutionised how we find information on our devices. Also, voice-based searches have changed SEO formulae; therefore it’s crucial that current marketers account for these changes and work to incorporate them into their SEO plans.

That’s why we’ll spend some time here talking about how voice search technologies are influencing SEO in modern times. What are we waiting for? Let’s enter straight away.

What is the role of voice search?

The common counterargument is “it’s the future,” but I’d rather stick on pedagogical specifics.

Users of voice-enabled gadgets can ask their devices questions by simply talking to them. Smartphones, computers, and smart speakers are just some of the devices that have voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and others.

The number of voice searches conducted on Google has expanded considerably over the past several years, making it imperative to incorporate voice search into your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you hire a website design company or build your site yourself, you need ensure that it is optimised for voice search.

How Voice search exactly impact SERP ranking?

Though SEO is crucial to digital marketing online, it may be affected by the popularity of mobile devices and voice-activated search engines. Mobile device-based local search is rapidly surpassing desktop-based techniques. We have shared some of the ways in which SEO has changed because of the popularity of voice-activated search.

Looking into the Role of Search Terms

The frequent use of poor-quality keywords in junk content has led to a decline in the relevance of keyword searches, according to Google. Search engine optimization has progressed greatly over the years, yet keywords are still crucial to a site’s success in the SERPs (SERPs). An SEO Agency in Singapore, claims that the rise of voice-based Smartphone searches has posed a significant new challenge for SEO professionals: adapting content to users’ goals at the moment of search.

Naturally Instinctive Vocabulary

Voice search has evolved to better understand natural speech over time. This makes it easier for users to give orders in a natural or conversational tone. We believe that the developing technologies will also resolve any areas of doubt. The 2018 Internet Trends Report indicated that almost 70% of English voice searches were conducted in a natural and conversational manner, highlighting the significant impact that voice assistants have had on search marketing.

Conversational topics will be closely examined 

With regards to SEO, organic content will be more valuable. Successful search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on the strategic use of keywords. Simply put, inject some of your own character into what you write. Fit the user’s expectations by making it appear to be a logical continuation of their enquiry. You must, however, maintain your sights set on the goals you’ve established for your marketing campaign.

Crucial role of Local SEO

Businesses will need to reconsider their approach to Local SEO as the popularity of voice-based search grows. Today’s Smartphone users commonly do searches with a geographical focus.

One could think, “Where is the best digital marketing business in Singapore?” if they were looking for SEO services london. Therefore, local SEO will become more and more significant as more people opt to use voice searches.

Demand for query-based search engines is expected to rise

In order to receive the results you want from a voice search, all you have to do is pronounce the necessary terms into the microphone, as stated by a reputed Singapore SEO agency. As voice-activated search becomes more common, people will ask questions instead of typing down keyword phrases to find what they need. The use of question-based searches, such as “how to,” “who,” “what,” “why,” “when,” “where,” etc., is likely to increase in the near future.

Period of Web Page Loading Time

Page load speed is a crucial factor in both traditional search engine results and voice search rankings. Many people lose sight of the forest for the trees when they focus solely on the trees because they are so preoccupied with the trees.

Websites with excessive loading times are unpopular with both users and, more crucially, search engines. Any time it takes more than three seconds for a webpage to load, the phrase “Houston, we have a problem” should be shouted.

We can also say it for optimising a website for voice searches. Simply improving your site’s speed and reliability will lead to increased traffic and a higher search engine rating.

Ending Remarks

It’s safe to say that voice searches are the future of internet navigation. This will soon become quite important in the field of search engine optimization. But that doesn’t mean the old methods of SEO are ineffective. If you want to get the most out of this technology, we’re here to help. One of Singapore’s most well-known digital marketing company, Awebstar, is dedicated to offering its clients with innovative web and digital marketing strategies and tactics.


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