Make Sure You Complete This List Before Moving


Moving out and settling in a new place is nothing more than climbing a mountain. Thus, it is inevitable to find hurdles and difficulties during the journey. A lot goes on into this activity before the actual day of making a move. Therefore, it is always recommended to plan everything ahead before the moving day arrives. People often have mixed emotions of stress and excitement when they intend to move to a new place. Also, you can consider Self Storage Corby which makes your transport business easy.  The excitement of meeting people, settling into a new house, and experiencing change is often coupled with the stress of going into unforeseen circumstances and things going wrong. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that these mixed emotions do not distract you from the work at hand, leading to missing out on important details.  Furthermore, a moving checklist can also help you stay on track and fulfill all the tasks before going to your new house. Here is a list of things you need to check off your list before moving.

  1. Get Your Hand Off Of Unnecessary Stuff

Afore moving to the new place, make sure to get rid of everything you do not immediately need in the new house. More stuff means more packing and unpacking efforts. So, what better way to save your energy than reducing the number of things you must pack.  You can manage the extra stuff in a storage unit near your house. The best way to find it is by searching it according to your location. For instance, if you want a storage facility in Houston, searching “storage units Houston” will result in many related search results. These storage units provide excellent conditions to keep your belongings safely. Things you can keep in a storage unit include old furniture, vehicles, art pieces, books, etc.

  • Make A List Of Everything To Be Moved

One of the essential steps before moving to a new place is making a list of all the stuff that you are taking with you. This serves as an excellent precautionary step that helps you keep track of everything you load and unload in the moving van. The list may even include the exact number of paintings and art pieces and the number of cartons belonging to each room in the new house. The easiest way to make the list of your belongings is by visiting each room and deciding what you will take, separating the things sent to the storage facility.

  • Collecting Moving Supplies

Packing is at the heart of moving to a new place. Packing things is incomplete without having the packing supplies. A few weeks before you make a move, buy all the necessary moving supplies. The supplies include tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, rope, etc. All these supplies ensure that your things are wrapped securely, eliminating the chances of harm coming to them. Make sure to tick this task from your moving checklist before starting packing.

  • Hire A Mover Company

Some people plan to move their stuff to the new place themselves. Others make a wiser option and hire a moving company that does the job on their behalf. However, contacting a moving company is a task you should do at least one month before moving. This is because they often have assignments lined up in their schedule. Therefore, make sure you have booked a slot for your moving day. If you keep this task for the end, it is possible that you may not find a company at the last minute. Additionally, before signing a moving contract with a company, always go through a background check about the reputation and work of the company.

  • Apply For A Leave From Your Office For The Moving Day

If you don’t want to get a surprise on the day of moving, apply for a couple of leaves from your office. You can take leave for a day before moving, the day of moving, and one for the day after. Moving is quite hectic, so getting fatigued after you are done with every aspect of moving is inevitable. If you apply for the leave just a day before, it is possible that you may not get the leaves for the required days.

  • Look For Schools For Your Kids

One of the crucial aspects of moving and settling in a new place is finding a school for your kids. This activity should be carried out simultaneously while looking for the house. People often look for a place near basic facilities such as a supermarket, hospital, kid’s school, Gym, etc. If there are many schools in the locality of your house, you can start contacting and shortlisting. You can also visit the prospective schools and collect the information to compare the options.  

  • Plan A Yard Sale To Give Away Unwanted Stuff

Moving houses is the best time to get rid of unwanted stuff from your house. Even if you have hired a storage unit for the things you don’t immediately need in your house, some things still have no point in going to the new house. Therefore, plan for holding a yard sale in the house. This yard sale should be scheduled on a day after you have purged your house, sent the goods to the storage unit, and separated the necessary things you will take with you to the new house.

In the end, you are left with things that are absolutely unnecessary in your house at any time in the future. You can get the help of your social media accounts to tell your friends and family about the yard sale. Mention the time and venue and your contact details to avoid any confusion.

Shifting to a new house is a big step. Often it is stressful to plan all the details and pack your stuff. However, there is a list of specific tasks that you can never ignore before moving. Things like making an inventory of the stuff, looking for a school for your kids, buying the moving supplies are tasks that can make the process very easy. Other tasks that you need to do before moving are contacting a mover company, asking for kids’ school leaving certificates, and holding a yard sale. These tasks should be carried out a few weeks before the moving day to avoid any unnecessary glitches.


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