What are the Best remedies for itchy eyes


Have you ever rubbed your eyes again and again? Well, that happens to most of us when we are driving or playing. In fact, on a hot and humid day, itching in eyes is very normal.  But most of the times, aggressively itching your eyes may make them red and they start hurting after a given point of time.  Therefore, in such a case, there is a need to know more about home remedy for itchy eyes. Because if you ignore your eyes, then they will be becoming a lot more troublesome in the future.  Here you will come across some of the best methods that will help you take care of your eyes in a better way.

Methods to cure eyes

  • Regularly washing your eyes

The moment you experience any itching in your eyes, then you should immediately wash your eyes. Washing your eyes removes all the dust and dirt from them and makes you feel at ease. There might be some foreign particle that is troubling you inside the eyes. Make sure to wash your eyes with cold and clean water for the best results. This is one of the most basic home remedies for itchy eyes.

  • Add eye drops to your eyes

Adding eye-drops to your eyes is definitely helpful for a better vision. It removes the impurities which have been deposited around your retina. It avoids infections. There are many medicated eyes drops available in the market. You can get any one of these prescribed by the doctor. These eyes drops are able to promise a long term effect.

  • Use anti-allergic lotions

Anti-allergic lotions are very great if you experience itching around the eyes. They try to cure the fungal infections around the skin. They are great for treating skin disorders. It becomes important to understand that these lotions are a great penis itching home remedy. These anti-allergic lotions reduce the swelling and the pain associated with itching.

  • Warm compress

Warm compress is the easiest home remedy for itchy eyes. In fact, it also works wonders as a penis itching home remedy. Warm compress reduces the frequent urge to urinate. It is very relaxing and makes one feel very comfortable. All you need is a water bag and press it gently across the swollen region around your eyes. Make sure that the temperature is more than what your skin can actually tolerate.

  • Neem leaves

We understand that itching happens due to bacterial and fungal infections. These skin diseases and disorders are like very frequent. Neem leaves are the best way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed from itching. It is even a great penis itching home remedy. It is able to showcase instant results over the time.

  • Camphor

Camphor is yet another ingredient which can be crushed and applied around your eyes if the extent of itching is unbearable. Camphor is very helpful for reliving your from frequent urge to itch. In fact, it reduces the swelling and redness around the eyes. However, do make sure that your skin is not sensitive and does not react with camphor to increase the complications.


Therefore, over the period of time, one may be in the position to understand that all of these remedies which have been discussed above are very helpful and are able to showcase instant results over the time. This is the best way to naturally cure itching and do not face any kind of issue in the future. It works great for sensitive skin as well. But if you are not able to cure itching with any of these home remedies that you must surely see a doctor.


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