How to Create and host Successful Product Launch Event Online


Virtual events become a part of the new normal as a result of the paradigm change in event patterns. A complete shift in event patterns has been observed with the emergence of unforeseen circumstances of a worldwide epidemic. Because the government has abandoned physical gatherings, all live physical events have been shifted to a digital space. Virtual event technology is the only choice available to organisations and companies all around the world to keep going smoothly. Virtual events have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and are the next big thing in the event industry. All live physical events such as conferences, product launches, trade fairs, and more have been shifted to a digital event format.

When it comes to launching a product virtually, establishing a product launch strategy is as crucial as producing the product itself. However, even the best things won’t sell themselves. You need to organise a memorable event to create a buzz about your latest product offerings. Thus making they reach your potential customers to upscale their sales.

Just because in-person events aren’t the most popular option right now doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. An effective online product launch will evoke attendees’ interest in your product thus motivating them to be a part of the event. It allows everyone with an internet connection to join your event, and it streamlines data analysis for your sales staff to benefit.

Key players like Apple and Johnsons have launched their latest product offerings virtually in a digital environment. The online product launches hosted by top brands were a grand success that grabbed the attention of attendees around the world.

This blog will walk you through the stages to guarantee that your online product launch events are a success. All you need is proper planning, execution, and follow-up and there you are with a successful online product launch event.

What is an Online Product Launch Event?

An online product launch event is organised with the help of a virtual event platform to introduce a new product. These events are held to build anticipation for a new product and usually include a high level of production to dazzle the audience.Inviting loyal customers, investors, bloggers, social media influencers, and the media to your event will encourage others to spread the word to your target demographics online before, during, and after the product launch.

However, a successful online product launch event can accelerate your product sales and boost business revenues.

Steps To host a Successful Virtual Product Launch Event

We have listed some of the steps below that will help you to ensure a successful virtual product launch event. Have a look:

  1. Determine your audience

If you want your virtual product launch event to be a success, you must first determine your target demographic. You can build an effective strategy based on your audience’s likes and dislikes if you know who they are. And they’re likely to stick with you for the duration of the event. Knowing which market group you want to target will help you generate more qualified leads and increase your business revenues effortlessly.

  • Select the right virtual event platform

Just like physical events, look for a virtual venue to host an online product launch event. Leverage the right virtual event platform that comprises many engaging and networking features for your online product launch. Today, there are a variety of platforms available that offers advanced features. A platform that offers analytics features along with networking, engagement, and custom solutions are the best bet. It helps in replicating real-life event experiences in a virtual world. Additionally, the data analytics features offered by the platform helps in measuring the event performance. That is not possible with physical product launch events.

  • Brand your online product launch event

Branding your online product launch event helps in replicating the same essence of physical events. Additionally, it helps in delivering the brand message more effectively as attendees can easily recognize the brand. A fully branded virtual product launchevent attracts more attendees as attendees who are loyal customers of a brand do not want to miss out on the product launch of their favorite brand.

  • Make your virtual product launch event as engaging as possible

To boost excitement in your online product launch event, integrate engagement activities. Embed virtual games such as spin the wheel, dart game, crossword, etc, surrounding the product. It will help in engaging attendees with the event. Additionally, it will also help in imparting relevant information about the product in the most fun way. Apart from virtual games, organising virtual photo booths helps in boosting excitement and keeps attendees engaged for long hours. It allows attendees to get clicked with branded photo frames and take the event memories to the homeland.

  • Organise live polls and Q&A sessions

This activity is a must in online product launch events. It will help the brand to gain valuable attendee feedback and opinions. Organising live polls can prove to be beneficial for a brand as it helps the brand to grab the attendee’s opinions instantly via polls. Additionally, organising Q&A sessions allows attendees to ask questions directly with the brand and clear out their queries instantly. All the concerns of attendees about the latest launch will be answered directly by the brand during the online product launch. It allows attendees to get a clear picture of the product.

  • Give virtual swag bags

Offer free virtual branded gifts to your online attendees who were a part of the product launch. It is one of the most effective promotion techniques that always work. You can opt to organise a small contest relevant to your product and offer gifts to the winners of the contest.

  • Do not miss to follow-up

One of the most important steps to ensure a successful product launch event is post-event follow-up. Do not skip on this step. It will help in converting the qualified leads & know attendees’ feedback about the product. You can do this by sending a push notification asking the event attendees to share their valuable feedback. Additionally, you can even opt to email event survey links to registered event attendees.

Conclusion Virtual product launches offer many advantages over physical ones. To ensure a successful online product launch event, you need the right planning, strategy, and a comprehensive virtual event platform. And you are all set to host a successful event.


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