Wajid Bhai was my guru, my mentor: Mamta Sharma


Mamta Sharma, who has loaned her voice to “Anarkali disco chali”, “Fevicol se”, “Pandeyji seeti”, and “Munna badnaam hua” among a few other mainstream Sajid-Wajid numbers, separates while conversing with IANS as she worked with her “master” and “guide” Wajid Khan.

“I am not in an away from of psyche right now since he was truly near us. Wajid Bhai was much the same as family. I am too stunned to even consider saying anything. Just a week ago I addressed him over video call. He was completely fine and I figured he would be released in a couple of days. In the interim, this occurred. I am as yet not out of this injury. I can’t consider anything at this moment. Whatever I am today, it is a direct result of him.

“Wajid Bhai had shown me how to live and how to be a decent vocalist. He had found the vocalist in me better. Likewise, he has transformed me as an individual. He has helped me change my considerations and urged me to consistently be sure. He had instructed me to consistently grin through intense occasions. He was a master, a coach to me.

“His per word was ‘bindass’. He would consistently let me know, ‘bindass gaa, don’t think excessively’. So often, I have sung in a pitch higher than what I typically sing in, in light of the fact that he urged me to do that, since he put stock in my capacity as a vocalist. He would consistently encourage me to gain proficiency with the verses by heart since that would cause me to sing a tune better.

“He was an incredibly adjusted individual who realized how to deal with both joy and torment. Now and again when I was delighted or in any event, when I was miserable for reasons unknown he would consistently advise me to show restraint. He was a decent individual, a pleasant individual and a constructive individual. There was consistently a positive vibe around him. I have never observed him utilize a solitary antagonistic word about any individual. He would consistently let me know, ‘accomplish your work, let your work talk for your sake’.

“I had initially met him at a gathering of ‘Dabangg’. Every one of them were exceptionally decent, Wajid bhai, Sajid bhai mummy, father they resembled family. Their conduct was so overall quite warm that they generally caused me to feel that I am a piece of the family. Today I am in so much agony simply considering him that I am thinking that its troublesome even to talk. I could always remember what he showed me throughout everyday life. He changed me as an individual and I expect that he has done that with such a significant number of others. He was such a darling.”

“At the point when we talked over video call only multi week back, I was in tears taking a gander at him however the grin all over was flawless and he was supporting me saying don’t stress, I am alright, I am acceptable, I will be okay. He was such a resilient individual and a mainstay of energy. I would consistently admire him that yes this is the way an individual ought to be. Today such a large number of individuals are lamenting his end since he was a decent man. I realize he will consistently be watching me from above and I will attempt to satisfy his hopes.”


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