Advantages and Disadvantages of the Withdrawal Method


The withdrawal Method is a situation where a male pulls their penis out of a woman’s vagina before they ejaculate as a method of birth control to reduce the number of sperm that enter. 

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It’s not as simple as it seems. To time it correctly, the man requires a lot of control. It is ineffective if they cannot recognize when they are about to have an orgasm or if they become too engrossed in action to stop it in time.

Advantages of Withdrawal Method 

This approach may be chosen by couples who don’t mind a surprise pregnancy or for the following reasons: 

  • It is convenient and free. 
  • No hormones or other chemicals are used in it. 
  • It poses no health dangers or side effects. 
  • You do not require a prescription or a visit to the doctor.
  • It is suitable for people who have religious or philosophical objections to using other birth control methods. 
  • Partners who don’t have access to other birth control methods can employ this method to satisfy their sexual urges.
  • It is also suitable for partners that do not have much sex. 

Disadvantages of Withdrawal Method 

Withdrawal is not only a poor birth control strategy because of its lack of effectiveness but also because: 

  • The man must exercise great restraint to withdraw before ejaculation. 
  • It is completely out of the woman’s hands. 
  • It interferes with getting sexually excited. 
  • The man can still urinate before he releases, even if they urinate before sex. In this pre-ejaculate, sperm is present.

Best Ways To Use Withdrawal Method

  • Couples can use it with other birth control methods, such as pills or condoms. 
  • Utilize spermicides, a substance that destroys sperm. 
  • To flush out any sperm that may have gotten an early start, have the man urinate before sex. 
  • On the days when the lady is most likely to become pregnant, don’t just rely on withdrawal. An ovulation calendar can help you track which days are the most secure. 
  • Make sure that none of the ejaculates touch the woman’s skin when the man ejaculates. The sperm that is on your skin has the potential to enter your vagina.
  • Use this method every time you have sex to attain consistency. 

Effectiveness of Withdrawal Method 

It’s not very effective to just pull out to avoid getting pregnant. In a year of following this strategy, out of 100 women, 22 or roughly 1 in 5 would become pregnant, as it works around 78 percent of the time. On The other hand, when used each time correctly, male condoms are 98 percent effective. 

You might be wondering if this method guard against STDs?

Not at all! While utilizing this technique, you could still contract an STD like syphilis, chlamydia, HIV, or gonorrhea. The fact that the withdrawal method is completely free and readily available is one of the main reasons it is used. Nothing needs to be purchased or put in place before having sex. 

Almost anyone, anywhere, at any moment, can use this method, although it may take consistent effort to get it right. The withdrawal method is always available if you run out of condoms or forget to take your usual birth control. Even though it’s not the most effective approach, using birth control at all is unquestionably preferable to doing nothing.


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