Vastu Tips On How To Make Your Balcony Vastu Compliant?

Vastu Tips On How To Make Your Balcony Vastu Compliant?

Have you ever felt sad or happy for no apparent reason?

This occurs as a result of the energy that surrounds you. Like people, spaces around you have their unique energies and personalities. And Vastu shastra is a fantastic way to tap into the positive energy that exists in the environment. The efficiency with which your new home is built determines how happy your future life will be in it. 

But did you know that you should consider home Vastu guidelines for your balcony as well? And before you go looking for a “Vastu consultant near me” online, read this article for some valuable insights into Balcony Vastu. 

Indeed, balconies hold a special place in houses, especially in modern homes. You begin your day here with a breath of fresh air and a cup of coffee. Some people consider balconies to be a requirement when looking for a home. It not only completes your home, but it also allows you to create that unique and special corner. That is why people prefer designing unique balcony spaces in their homes. And what better way to bring positivity into your balcony than by ensuring that the Vastu is correct?

Let’s learn important Vastu guidelines for the balcony area of your home.

Vastu For Balcony: What Do Vastu Experts Say?

Balconies provide ventilation and sunlight to the home, so their placement is critical. If built correctly, a balcony can enhance positive energy flow, whereas it can stop positive energy flow if constructed incorrectly. If a balcony occupies the wrong zone of your house or faces the wrong direction, it can cause significant problems at home. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the most important Vastu principles to keep in mind when designing your balcony space.

Location and Direction Tips: 

  • According to Vastu experts, the balcony at home should face north, east, or northeast. Avoid having a house with a balcony facing southwest or south. 
  • The balcony should always be raised from the southwest and sloped towards the northeast, allowing water to flow from south to east or west to north.
  • In the north, a balcony attracts wealth; in the east, health and opportunity; in the west, litigation; and in the south, fire hazards.
  • The balcony should always be constructed in a square or rectangular shape. Vastu does not recommend any other shape.

The Roof:

  • Your balcony’s roof should always slope to the north or east, never to the south or west. Also, the balcony’s ceiling should be lower in height than the house’s overall ceiling. Also, don’t use asbestos or tin for your balcony’s roof.

Placement of Furniture:

  • Because the balcony is used to sit, relax, and unwind, furniture is an integral part of it. So, what is the best balcony furniture?
  • Always choose wooden furniture over wrought iron. According to home Vastu, heavy furniture such as chairs, bean bags, stools, and tables should be placed in the balcony’s southwest corner.
  • If you enjoy swings, install one that faces north or south. According to Vastu Shastra, having a swing in these directions is considered auspicious.


  • Shrubs and short plants can be planted on the eastern and northern sides of the balcony. On the other hand, tall and thick plants should be kept on the southern and western sides. Flower pots should always be placed on your balcony’s west, south, or southwest corner. Stay away from the center.
  • According to Vastu, smaller flower pots attract positive energy and should be placed on your balcony. Also, choose bright flowers for your balcony and avoid using creepers because they attract negative energy and block sunlight. 
  • According to Vastu consultants, sitting on a dark or dimly lit balcony can cause negativity. Consider purchasing some pretty lamps that don’t give off a lot of harsh light for your balcony.


  • The balcony is one place in the house where your mind tends to relax, and you might enjoy meditating there as well. You don’t want to ruin your experience by using dark colors on the walls. The use of cool and pastel colors on balcony walls is recommended by any Vastu consultant online. Ideal colors include calm hues like white, beige, blue, and light shades of pink.


We hope you found the Vastu suggestions above helpful! We’re certain that now that you know what Vastu Shastra has to say about balconies, you’ll use these simple guidelines the next time you design one. 

If you need Vastu advice, consult a professional Vastu expert or the best astrologer specializing in Vastu Shastra.


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